Track Gifts

Track Gifts

Keep track of who bought what and put an end to duplicate gifts

Prioritized Wishlist

Prioritized Wishlist

Save gift ideas from anywhere and prioritize the most wanted ones first



Connect with friends & family and find the perfect gifts for them

Give better gifts

Discover tons of unique gift ideas from brands like Uncommon Goods, Lovevery, Design Life Kids and more. Browse our curated gift categories or stalk your friend's wishlist to find that perfect gift for any occasion.

  • Connect with friends & family
  • Keep track of special occasions
  • Explore hundreds of handpicked gift ideas

It’s easy!

When you’re shopping for a gift for someone just look them up on ILLI and purchase a gift from their wishlist. We’ll handle all the details like keeping track of who bought and eliminating duplicate gifts. And don't worry, your gift will still be a surprise when they open it!

  • Buy parent-approved gifts
  • No more duplicate gifts
  • Save time

Sign Up & Get a Gift!

Each week during our app launch we'll be randomly selecting someone and buying an item off their wishlist. Sign up to get notified once the app goes live, then create your wishlist for a chance to win!

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For Brands

Discovery tools for brands.

From gift ideas for every occasion to personalized wishlists for each family member, illi helps you stay organized and inspired so you can always give great gifts!

  • Reach new consumers
  • Feature your shoppable content
  • Collaboration opportunities

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