10 Great Birthday Locations for Kids You Should Consider

colorful birthday gear and cakes ready to take to the best birthday locations for kids

Thinking about taking your kid’s birthday party away from home? Choosing a novel location can up the fun and save you from a lot of cleaning up after. But some places are more appropriate for birthday parties than others. Here are some exciting birthday locations for kids to inspire you.

1.     Ice Skating Rinks

Does your kid know how to skate? If not, it’s not a problem. Ice skating walkers or trainers are plastic aids that can help kids keep their balance on the ice while they learn how to skate.

If your local skating rink can’t provide them, you can shop for them online in preparation for the party.

2.     Arts and Crafts Stores

Arts and crafts stores can delight kids with a creative setting rich in colors, shapes, and textures.

Whether you’re preparing for a small, intimate party or a big boisterous event, arts and crafts stores can prove a vibrant location for unique parties.

3.     Bowling Alleys

Keep kids engaged and active by moving the party to a bowling alley. Choose an alley that offers special areas for kids—there are quite a few that do this.

Whether or not you’ve taken your kid bowling before, this location can be a hit.

4.     Mini-Golf Course

Perfect for spring and summer days, outdoor mini-golf courses offer an exciting setting for endless games. Here, kids can play all day in the open air and happily forget about digital screens.

5.     Pottery Painting Studios

Fun and totally safe, pottery painting studios combine the joys of painting with the tactile richness of handling pottery.

There’s a lot of potential for teamplay too. Keep in mind, though, that some pottery painting studios are better birthday locations for kids than others. Call beforehand to get all the details you need.

6.     Kid-Friendly Spas

Spas can be a good choice if you’re looking for a location that can provide more pampering than a community pool or a water park. Kid-friendly spas can be especially fun for little girls.

Depending on your budget, you can add massage, manicure, and more into the party mix.

7.     Small Cinemas

Some cinemas can be rented as birthday locations for kids. You can choose the movie or cartoons based on what the kids like.

You can then sing the Happy Birthday song at the end of the film. Just picture the sparklers shining in the dark and the little cries of delight.

8.     Aquatic Centers

Slides, pool playgrounds, and other water features—these can be a treat for kids during hot summers. Aquatic centers have all of these and more. They call for a higher level of supervision, but that’s usually not a deal-breaker.

9.     Cupcake Shops

Cupcake shops can be more fun than McDonald’s or Pizza Hut. And, unlike ice cream shops, they are suitable in all weathers.

The best part is that you can often arrange with the shop to prepare a creative cake for you—one less thing to worry about!

10. Natural Parks and Wild Preserves

A journey into nature can turn out to be an awesome birthday party for adventurous kids. This setting requires more planning than others and may also involve some amount of travel. But it also carries the potential for more fun and an unforgettable birthday experience all-round.

Over to You

As you can see, there are so many awesome birthday locations for kids that choosing one over the other can be hard. Take your kid’s preferences into account and plan the party early on—that will make everything easier for you.

Regardless of the setting you choose, birthday gifts and other supplies remain important. Have you thought about using a birthday registry to share a list of must-get items with all your guests?

It’s a great way to get friends and relatives more involved with the party.

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