10 Essential Homeschool Supplies for Parents Right Now

Whether you prefer teaching kids at home or find yourself needing to because of the coronavirus outbreak, the right homeschool supplies can make your life easier. Don’t worry about the cost—homeschooling doesn’t have to be expensive. You just need to add to your shopping list the right items. Here are some essential homeschool supplies for parents right now.

1. Customizable Homeschool Planner

A homeschool planner helps you prepare lessons and record activity and progress. The A+ Homeschool Planner is a great example of a customizable planner that you can adapt to your needs. It features calendars, sections for noting goals, and advice on homeschooling to keep you motivated. Also, it helps you set goals and evaluate progress within a given timeframe. Suitable for up to 6 children.

2. Daily Class Scheduler

Here’s something that many parents don’t realize—kids love routine because it gives them a sense of security and gives them fun activities to look forward to. You can use routine to your advantage to reinforce a sense of time and plan lessons. That’s why it’s good to have an erasable daily class scheduler in your classroom—just make sure to use water-based markers.

3. Hanging File Organizer

Make your home classroom look more inviting with a colorful cascading wall file organizer. This organizer saves you space since you can hang it on any free wall. You can use it creatively to color-code classes so that your kid knows that red means math and green means science.

4. Educational Posters

Teaching kids math at home can be challenging, especially when they’re surrounded by smartphones, gaming consoles, and smart television. But homeschool supplies for parents like these educational math posters can help. This 10-piece set features shapes, addition, division, Roman numerals, and more. But don’t limit yourself to it—there are other types of educational wall posters that can prove useful.

5. Whiteboard and Corkboard

This 2-in-1 white and corkboard is easy to install and saves you space. You can use it to list activities and instructions as well as pin notes and other useful learning materials. It looks pretty cool too, making it an inspired choice for style-conscious homeschooling parents.

6. Dry Erase Lap Board

Save paper and make lessons more fun with this set of six dry erase lap boards. Whether you’re teaching drawing, spelling, or sciences, this lap board is the eco-friendly alternative to notebooks. Your kid will love it!

7. Dry Erase Markers

Use colorful markers to retain your kid’s attention during classes and make your lessons more engaging. When shopping for homeschool supplies for parents, add to your cart a large set of high-quality dry erase markers so that you won’t be running out of colors anytime soon.

8. Analog Silent Wall Clock

When does the next lesson start? With this cute analog silent wall clock, you can make kids more conscious of time and teach them how to read analog clocks.

9. Storage Center

Keep your home classroom organized with this clever storage center, which brings all your small homeschooling supplies like pens and pencils in one place. Removable containers make it very handy to use.

10. Dependable Printer

A printer may not be one of the things that come to mind when you think of homeschool supplies for parents. But it’s well worth the investment if you don’t have one already. There are lots of free homeschooling resources on the internet, including textbooks, lessons, tests, and activity sheets. With a printer, you can print learning materials at home any time you want. Get a wireless printer like the HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 to avoid cable clutter.

Make Homeschooling Fun

In the end, homeschooling is a great opportunity to instill in your child a lifelong love of learning. It can transform learning into an experience that’s more fun and at the same time more time-efficient than going to school. And, of course, it can strengthen the bond between you and your child.

In addition to these useful homeschool supplies for parents right now, you may want to add into the mix the usual essential school supplies likes pencils and erasers, and, for small kids, educational toys.

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