10 Luxury Tech Gifts to Wow Him

Is his birthday coming up soon? Or you just want to reward him for being such a loving and caring presence in your life? Either way, these awesome luxury tech gifts won’t leave him indifferent. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

1.     Virtual Reality Headset with 64GB Ram

With the Oculus Go VR headset, he can immerse himself in his favorite sports events, games, or movies. He can also use this VR headset to travel to unforgettable landscapes—from the comfort of his living room.

The Oculus Go is just great for relaxing after work or having fun on rainy weekends when there’s not much to do outside.

2.     4K Smart Home Projector

This premium 4K and HDR10 CineBeam Projector from LG comes with Google Assistant and ThinQ Ai built-in. That means he can use it as the centerpiece of his smart home, controlling through it his other smart appliances. He’ll love every one of this projector’s 8.3 million pixels.

3.     HD Digital Canvas and Smart Art Frame

Does he love art too? Then this could be one of those special gifts that will always remind him of you. The Meural Canvas can display HD images from his own digital collection or from an online library of over 30,000 timeless artworks.

Don’t like the image he’s chosen? Just wave your hand in front of the canvas to change it.

4.     Wine Bottle Opener and Preserver

Pour any wine without removing the cork or opening the bottle. It may sound like magic, but the Coravin Model Two makes it look easy.

He can also use it to preserve wine for years with ultra-pure argon gas capsules. If he’s into wine, this is one of the best luxury tech gifts you can give him. Period.

5.     Smart Mug with Temperature Controls

Our list of luxury tech gifts for him continues with a bit of an unlikely entry. This smart cup can brew the perfect coffee or tea and keep his drink at the right temperature for up to 10 hours. It comes with temperature controls that he can access through a Bluetooth-enabled app.

What’s more, thanks to its lightweight and practical design, he will be able to take it with him on your next holiday.

6.     Wi-Fi Enabled DSRL Camera and Accessories

With this versatile DSRL camera from Canon, he can take gorgeous photos and easily download them over Wi-Fi. The value of this set comes from the many high-quality accessories bundled in, including tripods, T-Mounts, UV filters, a shoulder case, and more.

7.     Bluetooth Mini Photo Printer

If he’s into photography, he’ll love this super portable mini photo printer from Canon. Whether he prints images from social media or his latest iPhone snapshots, he’ll have instant photos to share with you and with his buddies.

8.     Sensor Trashcan with Odor Protection

Whether he’s the king of neatness or a bit of a messy guy, this 20-gallon stainless steel sensor trashcan will help him practice tidiness. The star feature is the hygienic motion sensor which opens the lid without touch. He’ll also love the antimicrobial odor protection. Or at least you will.

9.     Over-Ear Headphones with Active Noise Cancelation

This premium pair of wireless Bang and Olufsen over-ear headphones can play music for up to 25 hours on a single charge. It comes with advanced background noise reduction features and has a built-in mic for taking calls or using a voice assistant.

10. Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine

This drink mixer machine can create perfect mixologist-approved drinks in a jiffy. All he needs is to choose the right cocktail capsule and keep the spirit reservoir filled. So, did anyone say cocktails?

And with that, our list of luxury tech gifts draws to an end. Whether you opt for something big and impressive like a 4K smart home project or something smaller, like the heated smart mug, he’s bound to love it.

After all, he’s a bit of a geek, isn’t he?

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