10 Personalized Gift Ideas for a Dear One

Why choose a personalized gift? A gift that bears the recipient’s name or that features some other form of personalization can strengthen your personal connection with him or her.

Personalized gifts are great for all occasions, including birthdays and special anniversaries. Depending on the occasion, you can decide how much personalization you need.

Whether you’re searching for a small gift or want to impress a dear one with something special, here are some personalized gift ideas to inspire you.

1.     Customized Photo Pillow

If you’re going to personalize a gift, do it in style. Add a funny photo of your loved one to one of these custom pillows.

Choose a square multicolor sequin pillow for gifts for friends or family and a heart-shaped one for your lover or spouse.

You can also opt for more special shapes like a 3D portrait face pillow or an ice-cream cone pillow. Discover all your options here.

2.     Get Him or Her Simpsonized

Does he or she enjoy watching the Simpsons? Turn them into a Simpsonized version of themselves—it’s easier than you’d think.

Turned Yellow can sketch a unique portrait of your dear one for you with as many other people in your portrait as you want.

You can choose between a head & shoulders or a full-body portrait and customize the pose and background.

The result is a unique, custom-made picture worthy to be framed.

3.     Mixtiles Photo Tiles

With Mixtiles, you can turn photos of you and your loved one into beautiful wall art without spending a fortune.

You can choose items from your phone’s photo gallery and get them shipped for free ready-framed. You can stick and re-stick the frame directly on the wall and combine multiple frames into a tiled or creative design.

4.     Laser-Engraved Water Bottle

Encourage your loved one to minimize plastic use with this handmade stainless-steel insulated water bottle.

You can choose both the color of the bottle and the engraving font. Pretty cool, right?

Now, let’s move on to the next item on our list of personalized gift ideas.

5.     Customized Ceramic Mug

Say no to boring coffee mugs with this beautiful handmade ceramic mug. With its simple, elegant design and creative touches, it’s the perfect gift for your spouse.

Just add his or her name to it to make it truly theirs. The full-color print looks gorgeous against the white background.

6.     DIY Sharpie Glasses

If you like DIY projects, you can surprise your dear one with this DIY sharpie glass. Follow the easy steps in this tutorial to make a custom one for them.

You may want to practice your designs on paper before you get started. But other than that, this project is quite easy, especially since on glass you can use a paper design to aid you.

7.     Funny Saying Mug

Add your dear one’s name to this custom mug to remind him or her how sexy they are. The colorful handle adds a nice touch to the mug—you get to choose the color.

8.     If My Dog Could Talk Storybook

Celebrate the bond between your loved one and their dog with this heartwarming and hilarious rhyming storybook.

The best part is that you can add your loved one’s pet into the story by choosing between different illustrated dog styles and colors.

This is one of the coolest personalized gift ideas for pet lovers around—try it out!

9.     Illustrated Dog Phone Case

If they have no time for reading, immortalize their dog with an illustrated dog phone case. This custom case will wow them with its artsy design and bright colors.

10. Cutout Cartoon Cat Throw Pillow

If your dear one’s more of a cat person, get their cat printed on a sweet cutout pillow. Whether the cat will like to sleep on it or not remains to be seen, but your dear one will love having this pillow in their house.

And with that our list comes to an end.

With so many personalized gift ideas for you to explore, finding a great gift for a dear one won’t be too hard, right?

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