10 Super Fun Gag Gifts for Birthdays and Other Events

Gag gifts are meant to surprise people and make them laugh. Unlike simple novelty gifts, they’re supposed to do more than put a smile on a person’s face.

Whether you’re preparing for a birthday party or some other event, we’ve put together a list of fun gag gifts that will make the recipient say, “I literally love it!”

1. Digital Light Up Tie

A glow in the dark tie? It draws unequivocal attention and makes one’s dance moves look so much cooler. This fashionable digital light up tie uses el wire to create a glowing effect—you can choose the color.

It comes with a battery pack that the wearer can keep anywhere in his pockets. It also features a tie clip that can prove useful during the more sober moments of the party.

2. LED Backpack with Programmable Screen

At first glance, the Pix LED backpack looks like your average backpack. But plug in the power bank, pair the backpack to your smartphone, and use an app to bring it to life. You can choose between a selection of emoticons and other graphics or create your own fun ones.

The backpack is water repellent, so you don’t have to worry about the LED screen getting rained on or splashed with liquids.

3. Ray Gun Nose Trimmer

Laser hair removal at a fraction of the price? You got it here galactic style with the Ray Gun nose trimmer. This one’s proof that fun gag gifts can be useful on non-gag occasions too.

4. Miniature Violin Replica with Case 

Got a friend who’s playing now and then the world’s smallest violin? Make their task so much easier with this sarcastic but nevertheless cute handcrafted miniature violin replica. You’ll love the realistic details.

5. Barbeque Scented WTF Candle

Roses? Vanilla? Amber? Nope! This wacky 7-ounce candle smells like a real barbeque, making it the perfect gift for barbecue lovers—or haters! Vegans shouldn’t fret—it’s meat-free.

6. Buritto Blanket

Feel like a real burrito with this gag burrito blanket. Made of fine flannel, this blanket keeps you warm in style. And you probably didn’t see this coming, but it can be machine washed with cold water.

7. Emergency Clown Nose

There are funny moments, and then there are moments that call for an emergency clown nose. Be always prepared for the latter with this one size fits most gag gift.

8. Split Cam

The Split Cam uses analog image morphing to combine two different images into one. It’s all as easy as lining up the first subject and snapping a shot of them and then lining up the second and taking another shot.

Use it creatively to add a cat head to a friend’s body and any other such fun combinations.

9. Nap Sack Prank Pack

This prank gift box for a make-believe nap sack will make the recipient pick his or her nose at your gift—until they actually open it and find inside a gift they really want.

Setting it up is easy: slip the real gift into this prank box and wrap it up.

10. Potty Golfing

Is he into golfing? With this potty golfing gag gift he can practice putting while potting! It includes a green carpet, a knee-length club, practice balls, and a flag. Even if he’s not a golf fan, this is one of the best fun gag gifts for (boy)friends with a sense of humor.

Over to You

With their fun-factor and great capacity for mischief, fun gag gifts can prove an inspired choice when you just can’t decide what gift to get someone. You can’t go wrong with any of the items on our list—at least not as far as having a merry time goes!

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