10 Wonderful Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Some gifts are accepted with a nod and then quickly forgotten. Others are so memorable that she will always hold them dear. This year, say no to boring gifts—choose Valentine’s day gifts for her that will impress her. Sounds like a hard task? Here are some gift ideas to inspire you.

1. Immortal Rose

Cryogenic Roses have undergone a process known as lyophilization, which removes all the water from their petals, leaves, and stems. The result is that they look as fresh as if they had just been plucked. When enclosed in a glass dome and protected from direct exposure to sunlight, they can last for years. What better way to promise her that your love will never falter than by giving her the gift of an immortal rose?

2. Custom Morse Code Necklace

As you may have guessed by now, this is not your average necklace. Use its unique design to write her a special message or the secret pet name only you use for her—in Morse code. If you’re fond of romantic modes of communication, this custom Morse code necklace can be a truly special gift for her.

3. Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Essential oils are known for relieving stress, boosting energy, improving focus, and more. With this essential oil diffuser bracelet, she can enjoy their health benefits throughout the day, not just during her time at home. This cute bracelet features a felt pad—just add a few drops of her favorite essential oil to it and you’ll have a nice gift ready for her.

4. Fondue for Two

Whether you love fondue or never tasted it, Fondue for Two could be a tasty gift for her. And the best part is that this is a gift you can share with her. Light a candle under the ceramic dish and let fresh cubes of cheese melt into savory treats for the two of you. The set comes with two serving prongs, making it perfect for romantic one-on-ones.

5. The Kissing Mugs

Think you’ve seen all romantic cup designs already? This set of colorful porcelain kissing mugs may surprise you. With their unique design, these coffee mugs are one of the cutest Valentine’s Day gifts for her on our list. Whether she likes coffee or tea or both, they’re sure to warm her mornings.

6. Bath Bombs Gift Set

Colorful, moisturizing, and relaxing, these handcrafted bath bombs look a lot like candy. But drop one into her bath and it will unleash a vibrantly colorful and super relaxing fizz. This gift comes in a beautiful package and is easy to store. It’s a great choice if she already uses bath salts.

7. Heart-Shaped Lipstick Set

Does she love lipstick? Then add to the list of Valentine’s Day gifts for her you have already prepared a set of heart-shaped lipsticks. Cute, playful, and fun, heart-shaped lipsticks come in different colors and will remind her how much you love her each time she uses them.

8. UV-LED Nail Dryer Curing Lamp

If she’s into tech and loves to do her nails too, you can’t go wrong with this advanced nail dryer. Easy to use and durable, it was developed for curing gel-based polishes. If you’re not sure what curing nail polish means, well, you should ask her—but without giving your gift idea away!

9. Emotional Detox Bath Soak

Bath salts are the perfect excuse for a warm and relaxing bath. Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s day gifts for your wife or for your girlfriend, this Himalayan salt & chia seed oil bath soak can bring her hours of relaxation.

10. The World Book of Love

There are books about love and then there’s The World Book of Love. In this international project turned bestselling book, 100 researchers from around the world sum up their views on love in 1,000 words. This book can rightfully claim that it starts where Hollywood leaves off…

There you have it—10 great Valentine’s Day gifts for her. Which ones will be hers?

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