11 Cool Sustainable Gift Ideas for Kids

Does your kid know already the difference between plastic and bamboo? Or that it’s better to drink water from a reusable tumbler than from a plastic bottle? Or that not all toys are good for the planet?

Whether your kid is an environmentalist already or in the process of becoming one, discover now some pretty cool sustainable gift ideas for kids.

1.     Bamboo Rocking Horse

This cute bamboo rocking horse encourages the development of fine motor skills and promotes imaginative play. It’s made from bamboo and painted with water-based colors.

2.     Organic Beeswax Stick Crayons

Say no to petroleum or paraffin waxes with this set of natural, non-toxic beeswax stick crayons. This 12-piece set provides rich and vibrant colors without the environmental mess of non-natural crayons.

3.     Wooden Fruit Cutting Toys

Small kids usually love kitchen-based toys and playsets. The problem is that most of these don’t make for sustainable gift ideas for kids. But there are exceptions, like this natural fruit-cutting wood set featuring six cuttable fruits, a chopping board, and a safe toy kitchen knife.

4.     Eco-Dough

All-natural art supplies encourage your kid’s creativity without choking up landfills or polluting the water or soil. This colorful eco-dough is made from vegetable, plant, and fruit extracts. No wonder that it smells good too!

5.     Colorful Bamboo Toothbrushes

Durable bamboo toothbrushes for kids look so cool that they put to shame most other brushes around. With their lovely design and medium bristles, they can prove dependable at home as well as when you’re traveling. Recommended use for a brush—3 months.

6.     Organic Girl Doll

Handcrafted in India with certified organic cotton and linen, this sweet and beautiful organic girl doll is great for little girls 3 years old or older. Her name is Nell and she has raven black hair and a navy floral dress.

7.     Don’t Throw That Away! Book

This board book about recycling and reusing inspires kids to follow in the footsteps of an eco-conscious superhero. It encourages kids to start recycling things instead of simply tossing them into the trash.

8.     The Pull Pup

Warm your toddler’s heart with this cute pull dog made from sustainably harvested wood. The Pull Pup can roll along different surfaces including rugs and concrete, making it a great gross motor development toy for toddlers aged 18 months or older.

9.     Organic Cotton Play Tunnel

Sustainable gift ideas for kids don’t have to be complicated. This organic cotton play tunnel from Lovevery makes hide and seek a much more fun game. Your kid can also stand it on end and invent around it creative games. Play tunnels promote motor and coordination skills.

10. Green Toys Car Carrier Vehicle Set

Made from recycled plastic, this fun and colorful vehicle set is a great choice for boys who are just discovering the joy of playing with car toys. It’s durable, easy to play with, and can retain your kid’s interest for a long time. Best of all, it’s a more sustainable choice than most other plastic toys.

11. Organic-Cotton Cardigan and Dress

This sweet floral dress and light purple cardigan is the perfect outfit for warm days in the garden—or fun adventures about town. It’s made from 100% organic cotton. You can choose from many other different styles, all of them colorful and bright.

The Wrap Up

Whether you’re shopping for a gift for a boy or a girl or both, the sustainable gift ideas for kids we shared with you can inspire you to make the right choice. The best part is that many of these items promote healthy development in one way or another. And they’re super fun, too.

In the end, making your kids say “I literally love it!” just got easier.

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