11 Indoor Kid Activity Ideas for Lazy Parents

Lazy parenting, in the good sense of the word, is all about deliberately stepping back to provide your kid with the chance to struggle a bit on their own to encourage self-sufficiency and boost their confidence. Whether you’re busy working from home or just don’t feel like playing with your kids right now, here are some indoor kid activity ideas for lazy parents. Try them out now.

1.     Challenge Them to Make Some Aluminum Art

Give your kids some aluminum foil and tell them to make animals and other things out of it. Set a very liberal timer of, say, an hour or so, and let them do their thing. Make it clear that they shouldn’t interrupt until the timer runs out.

2.     Let Them Learn a New Language in a Fun Way

Lend them your phone so they can learn a new language with Duolingo. Suitable for older kids, Duolingo is a fun app that teaches everything from French and Italian to Latin and Navajo. The visual features of the app and the interactivity it provides make it fun while keeping it educational all the way through. As far as smartphone play goes, it’s much better than most other games.

3.     Get Them a Karaoke Machine

Is your kids’ room upstairs? And does your house also happen to have good sound insulation? A karaoke machine could keep your kids busy for long stretches while you work or just laze in the living room. But then if you’d rather keep things quiet, read on to discover more indoor kid activity ideas.

4.     Challenge Them to Build a Stack of Cards

This one’s challenging enough to get them occupied. The potential for mess and disaster is pretty low, too. Just make sure to teach them the basics before they start.

5.     Give Them Some Tape to Make an Indoor Hopscotch

They can make it on the carpet or on the bare floor. If the latter, check that the floor isn’t too slippery. Hallways or living rooms usually work best.

6.     Tell Them to Play Hide and Seek

They can hide anywhere in the house—wardrobes included—provided they’re quiet. But be warned—this is one of those indoor kid activity ideas that may call for tidying up after!

7.     Give Them to Play Super Silly Mad Libs Junior

Touted as the world’s greatest word game, it can keep kids aged 5 to 8 writing and learning basic grammar in an ingenious way. This book exercises their creativity and can improve their vocabulary, too. Instructions are very easy to follow.

8.     Give Them Your Old Makeup Stuff to Play With

Got some lipstick, foundation, mascara, or eye palette that you don’t need anymore? Give them to your little girls to play with. They can give each other makeovers and then come to you for the verdict. Letting kids pretend they’re grownup is one of the best indoor kid activity ideas.

9.     Ask Them to Write a Letter to their Favorite Superhero or Star

Tell them it has to be at least one page long for you to mail it. But make sure you have a good excuse ready if they don’t receive a reply…

10. Give Them a Jigsaw Puzzle That Will Keep Them Engaged

If you don’t have a nice puzzle already, get this cool 40-piece wooden Tetris puzzle or this 100-piece urban jigsaw. It’s one of the simplest indoor kid activity ideas for encouraging the development of problem-solving skills.

11. Get Them a Lego Chess Set

This Lego chess set for kids aged 9 or older has over 1450 pieces and is a great way to foster in your kids an early interest in chess—a game that’s great for their cognitive development. Tell them you’ll teach them the rules—if they don’t know them already—after they build the set, which should keep them busy for a time.

The Bottom Line

Not handholding a kid all the time can be good for them. It can foster in them a sense of independence that will prove useful to them later on. And it will give you some much-deserved lazy time, too! So, what are you waiting for? Take your pick from the indoor kid activity ideas we shared with you. Or discover even more here!

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