13 Essential Back to School Gift Ideas for Kids (Plus a Bonus Gift)

Is the big day fast approaching? Choosing the right school supplies can make your kid’s return to school more enjoyable.

Kids’ school supplies come in a dazzling array of shapes and colors, but don’t lose yourself in the details.

Explore now some cool and practical back to school gift ideas for kids.

1.     Backpack

First things first—a comfortable backpack into which your kid can put all the school things he or she needs. With this cool backpack made from eco-friendly canvas, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort or settle for boring colors.

2.     Pencil Case

Stylish and practical, the Homecube pencil case can fit up to 45 pens and pencils while leaving room for smaller items and gadgets. Features a handy mesh pocket for notes.

3.     Pencils

Add to your back to school gift ideas list a big set of pre-sharpened graphite pencils with non-toxic erasers. Or opt for a set of assorted, colorful pencils kids. Save money in the long run by buying a big set that can last the whole school term.

4.     Pencil Sharpener

You’ve added the pencils, so now it’s time for a pencil sharpener. Choose a safe one for kids that does the job fast and prevents over-sharpening, like the Bostitch Twist-N-Sharp.

5.     Erasers

Say no to boring erasers with this cool set of latex-free animal erasers. It features over 30 animal shapes, including alligators, butterflies, ladybugs, and unicorns. Or just get a pack of 64 emoji erasers which can last a long time.

6.     Ballpoint Pens

Choose retractable ballpoint pens for kids with color-switching to add color to your list of back to school gift ideas. The set features 30 pens, each with a 6-color, quick switching mechanism.

7.     Pen & Pencil Holder

Keep all those pens and pencils organized with this antique globe pencil holder. Or get this beautiful wood elephant pencil one. You can’t go wrong with either.

8.     Calculator

Don’t forget to add a calculator! Choose a simple and durable one that can take a fall or two and that works on twin power, like this cute white calculator from Sharp.


Bookmarks can prevent all those dog ears! This set of 24 individually designed bookmarks for kids features animals and superheroes. The best part? Your kid can color them.

10. Notebooks

We’re getting on to the heavier stuff, but don’t worry. With so many cool designs around, your kid will love to carry these notebooks to school and home again. The dinosaur era notebook is great for boys. For girls, try this rainbow face pink notebook.

11. Stapler

Staplers are easy to forget about—until you need one. This cute mini panda small desktop stapler is a good choice for both girls and boys. It’s so sweet you’ll probably want to borrow it yourself now and then.

12. Kids’ Scissors

If you’re buying scissors for a small kid, look for kid-safe blade angle scissors with a blunt tip. Their ergonomic design makes them easy to handle.

13. Water Bottle

Adorable patterns make these stainless-steel insulated bottles with straw lids a hit with kids. The leak-free, BPA-free design make them a safe choice. A water bottle is one of those back to school gift ideas that your kid may not expect. It can really surprise them, so choose it carefully.

Bonus Gift: DIY Back to School Photo Frame

Okay, this may not be an essential supply, but it’s sure worth the effort of making it! Celebrate the start of a new school year with a creative—and very yellow—photo frame.

You’ll need some jumbo craft sticks, paints, and a few other thingies. Follow the instructions here.

There you have it—13 back to school gift ideas plus a bonus gift. Lots of shopping to do, so better get started right now!

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