13 Inexpensive College Dorm Must Haves 2020

Are your college adventures about to begin? You may as well be prepared for them. Make the most of a cramped dorm while keeping things neat and clean with these inexpensive yet extremely useful college dorm must haves.

1.     Water Filter

Reduce your plastic use and stop worrying about buying water all the time. With this handy Brita pitcher, you can filter tap water fast. Filters last for months.

2.     Food Storage Containers

Whether you have a meal plan or not, food storage containers will come in handy sooner or later. Make sure you choose a BPA-free set like this one.

3.     Clothing Steamer

A clothing steamer is a good alternative to an ironing board. It takes just a minute or two to freshen up your clothes with this handheld clothing steamer.

4.     Hot Water Kettle

If you like drinking coffee or tea, a hot water kettle tops the list of college dorm must haves. It’s also useful to have if you need a faster way to boil water for instant soup and other classic dorm dishes. You don’t need anything fancy—a basic hot water kettle will do.

5.     Mattress Pad

Dorm mattresses are nothing great. But you don’t have to settle for average. One of the absolute college dorm must haves is a mattress pad. Lay it over your mattress and you’ll dream of fluffy white sheep before you know it.

6.     Over-the-Door Organizer

Just because your dorm room is cramped doesn’t mean you can’t keep things neatly organized. An over-the-door organizer is a quick and easy solution to keeping small items within easy reach. It can be especially useful for storing packaged foods and other everyday supplies.

7.     Power Strip with USB Ports

Many door rooms have just one power socket. That wasn’t a problem fifteen years ago when only well-off students had a laptop. But today, when you have to recharge gadgets and mobile devices almost daily, a power strip with USB ports can be a time saver.

Just make sure to choose a versatile power strip that can handle all your devices.

8.     Fabric Bins

Keep things tidy in your college dorm with a set of useful fabric bins. Push them under the bed, lay them on a shelf, or hide them in the closet—anywhere will do.

9.     Tabletop and Clip-On Fan

Whether your dorm has a good air conditioning system or feels like a sauna in summer, a fan can prove useful. Get the most out of it by choosing a fan that you can clip on various surfaces to adjust its angle. Try this silent tabletop and clip-on fan.

10. Large Wall Calendar

Exams and nights out, birthdays and parties—with a large wall calendar, it keeping track of all of these gets easier. And then nothing compares to Xing the days until the end of the term, which a wall calendar makes so much easier.

11. Shower Mesh Caddy

A quick-dry shower mesh caddy is one of the most popular college dorm must haves for girls, but guys can use them too. Choose one that can hold all your shampoos, soaps, conditioners, and all your other bathroom accessories.

12. Big Laundry Bag

Save space while keeping your laundry in one place with a big laundry tote. Easy to carry and simple to fold, this laundry bag is another classic dorm must have.

13. First Aid Kit

This deluxe first aid kid features over 115 essential items. You can take it with you when you go traveling or camping.

And with that, our list comes to an end. To keep track of all the college dorm must haves we shared with you, create a college registry list and show it to your family. It may remind them of their own college days—and inspire them to share some of your expenses.

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