14 Must Have Baby Registry Essentials

Preparing for the big arrival? Creating a baby registry may seem like a time-consuming task, but at the end of the day, some items are more important than others.

You can always add in extras and accessories, but there are a couple of items you just can’t do without. Discover now the must have baby registry essentials you can’t afford to miss.

1.     Baby Bottle

Feeding your baby will get easier with this soft and squeezable baby bottle designed for breastfed babies. It’s made from 100% safe materials and it’s easy to handle and to clean.

2.     Breast Pump

A good breast pump is easy to operate and comfortable to use. You don’t want to waste money on features that you don’t need. The best breast pumps have multiple suction levels and are lightweight and portable. Here’s a top-rated breast pump that checks all the boxes.

3.     Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer

If you get a breast pump, you’ll also need a bottle warmer and sterilizer since you’ll likely have to refrigerate some of your milk. The key feature to look for in a bottle warmer is accurate temperature control. To save space, get a bottle warmer and sterilizer 2-in-1 that fits all baby bottles.

4.     Baby Crib

A convertible crib is a great choice because you can turn it into a toddler bed and daybed as your baby grows. This 3-in-1 crib has an eco-friendly design and is made from solid New Zeeland pine wood.

5.     Baby Stroller

Choose a reclining baby stroller to ensure your baby’s comfort whether he’s awake or napping. Here’s a baby stroller that’s lightweight, easy to fold, and that your child can use until the age of 4.

6.     Infant Car Seat

Whether you’re taking your baby to the doctor or to see granny, an infant car seat is another one of those baby registry essentials you can’t neglect. Here is a safe, reliable, and easy to install car seat for your baby.

7.     Swaddle Blanket

Who said swaddle blankets are boring? This awesome hopscotch milestone swaddle blanket lets you mark your baby’s milestones. It’s probably the most Instagramable swaddle blanket around.

8.     Baby Carrier

Keep your baby close to your heart with this reliable baby carrier. It allows for facing-in, facing-out, and back carry, making it the perfect carried for repeated outdoor use.

9.     Portable Swing

A swing can keep your baby entertained while you busy yourself around the house. The gentle motion of the swing soothes your child and promotes sleep. This portable swing for babies is easy to transport.

10. Baby Tub

Since cleaning baby is going to be a daily affair, you may as well do it in style. When shopping for a tub, look for one that’s easy to handle, has a comfortable design, and is fun to use. Take a look at this colorful seat tub.

11. Video Baby Monitor

A video monitor that’s easy to set up and use can bring you peace of mind. Add to your list of baby registry essentials a baby monitor that’s lightweight, portable, and energy-efficient. Here’s an award-winning monitor that you can use around the house and take it with you when you travel too.

12. Organic Body Suits

Bodysuits are pretty much indispensable for babies. Choose organic bodysuits for extra comfort and softness.

13. Nail Clipper for Baby

A nail clipper is one of those small things that are easy to forget—until you realize you desperately need it. Add now to your list a baby nail clipper with a nick-safe design.

14. Compact Mini First Aid Kit

This take-along first aid kit features over 50 items, all of them packed into an expandable pouch that will easily fit any diaper bag or purse. It’s a versatile kit you can take with you anywhere.

The Wrap Up

Putting together a list of baby registry essentials should now be easier. Don’t waste time with unnecessary items—focus on the key ones and the right features. The items we shared with you are a great start. Add to them anything else you think you may need.

Until next post!

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