5 Fun and Creative Ways to Teach Children Self Control

Self control doesn’t come naturally to children—this is something that most parents learn the hard way.

Children tend to want “more!” and to want it “now!” whether we’re talking about toys, chocolate, or mommy’s phone.

And that’s okay because you can teach kids self-regulation, and you can do it in playful ways—without tears and without stress.

It’s not that hard. Discover now some great ways to teach children self control.

1.     Give Your Child a Calm Down Box

Small children can get very emotional. The smallest thing can plunge them into sadness or trigger a tantrum.

You just have to be ready to help your child cope with powerful emotions.

An effective way to do this is to fill a small box with fidget toys. If you don’t have a spare box, just grab this set of 24 sensory fidget toys that comes with its own carry box.

Call it the Calm Down Box and give it to your kid when he or she needs it.

2.     Use a Responsibility Chart to Promote Good Behavior

Positive reinforcement can motivate children to do what they are asked in return for rewards later on. It’s one of the most effective ways to teach children self control.

It can make them feel that they are gaining something even when they have to give something else up—like handing back mommy her phone and going to bed.

This magnetic responsibility chart makes marking completed tasks daily easy and fun.

3.     Play the Bubbles Game

Kids love to make bubbles. But did you know that you can use bubbles to promote self control?

Take your kid outside in the yard or in a park or some other quiet place. Ask them to sit down. Sit in front of them and blow some bubbles toward them.

In the first round, they have to pop as many as they can, any way they want. In the second, they must not pop a single one—they must use their self control to withstand the bubbles.

Whenever your kid becomes difficult to manage, refer to your game of bubbles to reinforce the idea of self control.

You’ll need plenty of bubbles for this game, so get a big bottle of non-toxic bubble solution.  

4.     Get Creative with Play-Doh

Playing with Play-Doh can be one of the best ways to teach children self control and help them relax.

At the same time, you can take advantage of the opportunity to talk with them about self control and why it’s so important.

Encourage your kids to express their feelings using different colors and forms. For example, anger could be a red monster, peace a blue cloud, and so on.

5.     Play the Red Light, Green Light Game

You won’t be needing any props for this one. If you don’t know the game already, you can learn it in a jiffy.

The rules are simple. When you cry “green light!” your kids can get up and act silly—they can dance, jump, and do anything they want, provided they don’t destroy the house or injure themselves.

But when you cry “red light!” they have to stand still. Perfectly still.

It’s the kind of game that can make them more receptive to your words.

Ways to Teach Children Self Control – Summary

Play these games often to remind your kid that self control is important. You won’t be needing any expensive props or setups, so you can play most of them inside or outside, during the week or on weekends.

In the end, remember that play is important for children’s healthy development, so don’t look at it as only a means to an end—make the most of it.

We hope you enjoyed this post on cool ways to teach children self control.

Check back soon for more ideas on early childhood development toys and activities that your kids will love.

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