5 Love Languages for Mom

5 Love Languages
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How To Show Mom, This Mother’s Day, How Much She Is Loved, In Her “Native” Love Language

I am quite certain that there is nothing more powerful than love.  But, did you know that there are 5 LOVE LANGUAGES that we “speak”?  And that how you feel or receive love could and is likely different than how those significant others in your life interpret or feel love? To decode and understand these five different languages, Dr. Gary Chapman defined The 5 Love Languages Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.

Guess what?  Mom has a love language.  So this Mother’s Day, why not speak her love language so she truly knows how much she is loved and appreciated.  Below, we have outlined Dr. Gary Chapman’s 5 love languages with gift suggestions or ideas for Mom based on her love language.

1. Words of Affirmation

This love language expresses words to your partner that make them feel good, build them up, empower them.  Words are very important if this is your partner’s love language.   So for Mom, expressing things such as the below phrases will speak to her love language and make her feel appreciated:

  • “You look stunning in that beautiful, purple dress”
  • “Mom, you make the best chocolate chip cookies!”
  • “Mom, you are so in touch with what I need, thank you.  You’re the best!” 

Compliments, positive affirmations, and “I love you’s” go a long way with this love language. A fun coffee mug such as this one expresses to Mom how awesome she is!  Or maybe some “love letters” for Mom would make her feel especially loved and appreciated, we found these postcards that you could tuck in special places for Mom to find

2. Acts of Service

This love language is all about “actions speak louder than words”.  For this love language doing things that require obvious effort will go a long way for this person.  These types of actions might include, for Mom, cooking her a meal, helping her out with laundry or dishes, asking her if you can pick up something for her from a store or the dry cleaner.  Be sure to do these actions with an upbeat tone and positivity and no complaints; “Joyfully doing” is the key here.

3. Receiving Gifts

(Our favorite love language lol!) The truth is this is not actually about the gift itself, or the material item, it is that the individual took the time to think about what the other person would enjoy/ like/ appreciate.  This means everything to this love language because it took thought and effort!  For Mom this could mean picking up or sending her her favorite candy, we have a sweet spot for this online vendor of speciality candies, they even have “retro” candies so Mom could get the candy of her chosen birth year.  In addition to getting her some of her favorite candy, every Mom likes receiving jewelry.  If the kiddos are looking for something tender or extra sweet to get Mom, we are sure she will treasure a necklace such as these customizable love knot necklaces with the kids name on it.

4. Quality Time

This love language is all about spending quality time together.  Undivided quality time together.  No distractions, no smartphones, no competition with others for your time, just your time alone.  For Mom, this could be watching a movie together (phones turned off), going on a picnic together, taking a walk or bike ride together.  Just you two, with no distractions.

5. Physical Touch

For this love language nothing is more impactful than physical touch.  This makes this person feel connected, loved and safe.  For Mom this might be a big hug in the morning to greet her and let her know how much she is loved, or a kiss on the forehead to tell her she is appreciated.  Hugs and kisses go a long way with this love language.

So now that we have learned the five love languages, and understand everyone has their own way of giving and receiving love, how are you going to show Mom and those around you, you love them?  We literally would love to hear how, please comment below to let us know your Mom’s love language and how you are going to show her this year.

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