5 Unique and FREE Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

To the Heroes in Our Lives That “Fly Under the Radar”, Our Dearest Teachers (and Moms), Thank You!

It is Teacher Appreciation Week!  These superheroes tend to fly under the radar, but I think it is safe to say that we all have a new appreciation for the hard-work our dear teachers perform day-in and day-out.  They show up to work each day ready to teach, nurture, inspire, and love our children.  We here at illi treasure learning and education, and our wonderful educators.  These superheroes in our lives- our children’s lives… are vitally important and precious! This week let’s show our teacher’s how much they are loved and appreciated by getting them or doing something unique and special for them, instead of getting them another gift card or another gift set (from that place that everyone gets their gift), let’s give them something, unique and special, that they will literally love! ❤️

Here are 5 unique and FREE gift idea suggestions for teachers:

  1. These printable quarantine gift tags have unique and cute poems that are ready to print and place on a bottle of wine, coffee mug, margarita making set, gift bag, gift set, floral arrangement, candy treat bag or baked goods (ok these aren’t free, but they’re cheap or you could use these as inspiration and create your own!)
  2. Sing a thank you song and post it to celebrate teachers. You can use this simple song for inspiration and make up your own lyrics, using your teacher’s name! 
  3. We have Mad Libs fun for the family, teacher’s edition. Play this classic word game with your family in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week!
  4. Make a video about why your child and family are thankful for your teacher and send it to your teacher.
  5. Have your child write a Haiku poem for their teacher on what they’ve learned this year and why they’re thankful to be in their teacher’s class.

The truth is that whichever gift or idea you choose for your child’s teacher this week, they will love it.  Why?  Because it comes from the heart  🙂 We love you teachers, have a great week!

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