6 Fun Educational Toys for Preschoolers Who Love Exploring

Your preschool child is on the verge of discovering the big world that lies beyond the front door. So you may as well prepare them for the life adventures that await them.

To help you out, we’ve put together a selection of wonderful educational toys for preschoolers that can inspire them to want to learn more about the world.

Fanning your preschooler’s natural curiosity for exploring the world can spark an early love for geography, astronomy, and other related disciplines. It can also make him or her care more about the planet.

Let’s get started!

1.     Solar System Puzzle

This 100-piece jigsaw puzzle of the solar system features wonderful illustrations and cool facts about the universe.

It can teach your kid that the smallest planet in our solar system is Mercury. Or that the first satellite was launched into space in 1957—though you’ll probably have to explain what a satellite is first!

The environmentalist in you will love this gift, which is made from 90% recycled gray board.

2.     Space Exploration Memory Game

Sharpen your kid’s memory and recognition with this delightful memory game. It features 24 pairs of cards that your kid has to match.

While doing so, your kid will learn who was the first person to land on the Moon or why Mars is called “the red planet.”

This space exploration memory game can complement the solar system puzzle, helping to reinforce the facts your kid already learned while putting the puzzle together.

3.     This Is Your Land USA Puzzle

After your space adventures, zoom in on the world with another beautiful puzzle, this one featuring a colorfully illustrated map of the USA.

More than a puzzle, this educational toy can teach kids the names of all the states, the key landmarks, and what each state is best known for.

It also includes cool facts about the states, encouraging kids to explore all of the pieces of the puzzle.

Puzzles help develop problem-solving skills, making them some of the most inspired educational toys for preschoolers.

4.     Little Passports Early Explorers Subscription

Give your preschooler a gift that he or she will never forget—an introduction to globetrotting.

The Early Explorers Subscription from Little Passports features a Travelers’ Kit that includes a fun orange suitcase, kid-sized, a big map of the world, an activity booklet, letters, phones, trading cards, and more.

Themes range from landmarks and animals to natural wonders and world discoveries. Added to the fun of the items in the set is the excitement of regularly receiving new items in the mail.

5.     Interactive Talking Map

Make learning geography an even more immersive experience for your preschooler with this fun interactive talking map. It can teach your kid capital cities and the largest cities for each state, fun facts, trivia, weather patterns, and historical facts.

The information doesn’t get overwhelming because your kid can get to choose which of it to access by pressing different areas of the map with their finger.

Whether you hang it on a wall or let your kid play with it on the floor, this map is the perfect excuse for the two of you to spend time together exploring your country from the comfort of your home.

6.     3D Geography Puzzle Globe

Give your kid the gift of their first globe of the Earth with this sweet and colorful 3D geography puzzle globe. Simple but fun, this spinning globe provides a great tactile experience.

It features 14 pieces in all, including six puzzle pieces, one for each continent. This is one of those educational toys for preschoolers that look good on any shelf.

Final Thoughts

In the end, when shopping for educational toys for preschoolers who love exploring the world, remember that you can always join in the play with explanations about the natural phenomena that make the world look the way it does.

Dust off your geography knowledge and have fun rediscovering the world you too first discovered as a child. You’ll love every bit of it!

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