7 Best Gross Motor Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers have a lot of energy to burn. But you probably don’t want your toddlers to turn your couch into a trampoline. Or fight with pillows until it starts raining feathers in your living room.

Some toys help kids use their energy in a fun and healthy way—while at the same time promoting the development of gross motor skills.

These are the toys that can keep your kids engaged during the colder seasons, and on rainy days, too.

So, which indoor gross motor toys for toddlers should you add to your next gift list?

1.     Balance Beams

Step-a-Logs Balance Beams consist of colorful plastic beams linked to each other with rope connectors. Your kids can place them in creative formations and invent games around them—all this while developing their balance.

The logs can be stacked on top of each other, so you don’t have to worry about storage space. Your kids can also use them outdoors on a stable surface.

2.     Memory Foam Cushioned Activity Play Mat

Gymnastics, imaginative play, jumping, rolling, playful wrestling—an activity play mat is a great way to encourage kids to keep moving.

This colorful patchwork play mat for kids is soft, waterproof, and washable. You don’t have to worry about spilled juice or chocolate smears.

Tip: activity play mats are some of the best gross motor toys for toddlers. They’re simple, durable, and easy to use.

3.     Foam Play Climb and Slide

Help your little toddler discover the enjoyment of climbing, crawling, and sliding with this cool toy. Made from dense foam, this play climb and slide promotes active play while keeping your kids safe.

It comes with a colorful cover that you can easily remove and clean.

4.     Hop Balls

Each time your toddler hops around on one of these big bouncy balls, he or she will have a playful workout that will improve their coordination and balance.

The cool thing about the Gymnic hop ball is that you can adjust the level of inflation depending on your kid’s age.

Tip: if you’re raising a single kid, get a hop ball for yourself too, so you can race together around the living room. It’s fun!

5.     Rock and Roll Ride-On

The Wishbone Flip is a cool-looking and durable rocker and ride-on. Built mainly of wood, it’s a stylish alternative to plastic rockers. It can easily become your toddler’s new centerpiece toy.

6.     Musical Piano Mat

A musical piano mat is one of the most fun gross motor toys for toddlers who like music—and most toddlers do!

In addition to piano sounds, this musical piano mat has plenty of other musical notes, including violin, saxophone, guitar, and accordion. Toddlers can use both their hands and feet to reach the notes and make music.

If you get this mat, don’t just limit yourself to watching your kids use it—practice your dance moves with them!

7.     Colorful Play Tunnels

The Hide N Side Play Tunnels can help you transform your kids’ room into a colorful setting for inventive games.

Like other gross motor toys for toddlers, this toy promotes active play and can help strengthen arm and leg muscles.

It’s easy to install and lightweight, so you can relocate it to the yard during the warmer seasons.

Final Thoughts

With the right gross motor toys for toddlers, you can promote active play and help your kids develop balance and muscle strength. Best of all, you can make sure that they will never be bored inside the house.

In the end, consider maintaining a good balance between active play toys and STEM toys that promote cognitive development. That way, you encourage healthy development all-round.

We’ve written about STEM toys for toddlers in a previous post—check it now!

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