7 Bright STEM Toys for Toddlers

Between the ages of 1 and 3, children undergo great emotional, cognitive, and social development. Toddler years are very important for any child, and STEM toys for toddlers can prove valuable aids to healthy development all-round.

What Is STEM?

STEM promotes the study of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Through STEM, you encourage children to develop key skills such as problem-solving, creativity, independent thinking, and communication.

In a world where automation is on the rise, a STEM-focused approach to learning directs kids towards jobs that in the years to come will be in high demand.

It may be a long time still before your toddler goes to college, let alone look for a job. But a focus on STEM learning can foster an analytical mind that can solve problems creatively—and that’s an extremely valuable tool in life.

STEM Toys for Toddlers You Should Check

Not all STEM toys are equally well made or engaging. To make your search easier, we’ve put together a list of great STEM gift ideas for your little child.

Discover now these popular, high-rated, super-fun toys.

1.     Magnetic Stick N Stack Set

This set features 60 brightly colored geometric shapes, including different types of triangles. Each piece has rounded, magnetic edges, allowing kids to stack them up in creative structures—towers, houses, bridges, and more.

The Magnetic Stick N Stack Set is a great example of a creative STEM toy that your toddler can play with again and again.

2.     Periodic Table Blocks

This set of basswood cubes features the main elements of the periodic table. You can use it to teach your toddler the key elements by identifying them in the world around you, starting with the air we breathe.

These periodic table blocks can foster in your kid a deeper understanding of nature that later on may bud into a passion for chemistry.

3.     Learn-Code-a-Pillar-Toy

Interactive STEM toys for toddlers are some of the coolest toys around, and the learn-code-a-pillar toy is no exception.

Your kid can choose what path the toy will follow by rearranging the robot caterpillar’s 8 segments. Some segments go right, others left, others go straight ahead, making this toy endlessly fun.

Built-in lights and playful sounds add to this toy’s appeal.

4.     Color Bath Dropz

Teach your kid the primary colors and how to use them to make secondary colors. With these colorful, odor-free bath drops it all gets easier.

For example, you can drop a blue drop and a yellow one into the tub and watch how the water turns green as the colors dissolve into it with a fizz.

5.     Bugnoculars

This toy is as fun as it sounds. It consists of a transparent container with magnification eyepieces. With it, kids can take a closer look at bugs they catch in the garden, before releasing them back into nature.

This clever microscope toy encourages outdoor exploration and is pretty sturdy, too. It can teach toddlers not to be afraid of bugs.

Bugnoculars prove that not all STEM toys for toddlers need to feature multiple parts or complex mechanisms.

6.     Jumbo Safari Animal Toy Set

Foster your toddler’s love for the animals with this set of 14 realistic jungle animals. Teach him or her the names of each animal and the sounds they make and their habits.

The animals are large enough to be suitable for toddlers and are made from FDA-approved plastic.

7.     KiwiCo Panda Crate

The KiwiCo Panda Crate for small toddlers was designed to promote developmentally appropriate STEM skills.

It features creative sets your kids can play with, activity cards, research-based advice and answers to parenting questions, and more.

Overall, it provides a great introduction to STEM toys for toddlers.

Continuous Learning

STEM toys for toddlers are only the start of your child’s STEM-focused education. As your child develops and acquires new skills, you can encourage his or her interest in science, math, and other key fields of study with STEM gifts for elementary kids, school children, and teens.

We hope you liked this post. Stay tuned for more STEM gift ideas for kids of all ages.

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