7 Fun Indoor Activities for Toddlers Now That You’re Staying Home

Stuck at home with one or more toddlers? No problem! These fun indoor activities for toddlers won’t leave them any time to miss the playground or the park. Follow the instructions carefully, and you’ll have a great time together. And you won’t have to spend money on toys to keep them busy, either.

  1. Make a Color Sorting Sensory Bag

A sensory bag is a simple way to teach your kid different colors and counting. You’ll need a zip bag, a big bottle of hair gel, differently colored buttons, and some markers. Check out this video to see how to do it—it’s so easy it won’t take more than a few minutes. Just make sure you zip the bag carefully and tap it properly to a table or other solid surface.

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2. Practice Balance

Got some box-sealing or duct tape? Use it to type a line on the living room floor or your hallway. Then get your toddler to walk alongside it without losing his or her balance. You can start with a straight line and then use curving or zig-zagging lines. You can also raise the challenge by asking them to walk it backward. Indoor activities for toddlers that promote gross motor skills don’t get any simpler than this!

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3. Do Some Bowling

You don’t need a bowling set for this activity. Grab some paper towel tubes or toilet paper rolls and stack them into pins. Then find a ball—you must have one in the house—and play away! Bowling’s great for kids because it stimulates their gross motor skills. If your toddler loves indoor bowling, you could get a proper bowling set next time. Minimize damage to furniture with a soft foam bowling toy set.

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4. Make a Sticky Spider Web Out of Tape

Our list of indoor activities for toddlers continues with a dazzlingly simple yet super fun challenge. All you need for this one is some tape. Find a doorway which you and your spouse aren’t likely to pass through any time soon and stick the tape in one corner. Then make some missiles out of old newspapers or food packaging and get your kid to throw it at the web. The aim is to get as many to stick to the web.

5. Make Some Fluffy Slime Together

Since you have plenty of time for cleaning, why not make a happy mess? To make fluffy slime, you’ll need some children’s craft glue, gel food coloring, bicarbonate of soda, cleaning solution for contact lenses, and some shaving foam. You can find out the exact quantities and how to mix them here. This stuff’s not eatable, so keep a close eye on your kid!

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6. Play Some Indoor Basketball

No hoop required! Grab some old newspapers or magazines and crumble them into balls. Then set up a bucket or pot at a reasonable distance from the throwing spot and let your toddler practice his or her aim. Bring the pot closer or move it farther away depending on how they’re doing.

7. Enact a Plush Play

This one’s a great way to use storytelling to capture your toddler’s attention. Round up a few plush toys and improvise a stage from cardboard boxes or stacked-up pillows. Use the plushies as your cast of characters—draw on your imagination to invent any kind of play you want—just don’t make it as tragic as Hamlet! Tip: make sure to involve your kid in the performance by asking constant questions and encouraging communication.

The Wrap Up

With a bit of imagination and minimal supplies, you can devise exciting indoor activities for toddlers that stimulate their motor development, coordination, balance, and more. Best of all, it can help them healthily burn their energy without making (too big) a mess. Try out these activities now!

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