7 Inspired Tech Gifts for Kids with a Curious Mind

Tech gifts for kids are not just super fun but quite impossible to get bored with. They can perform lots of different functions and some can even be programmed to behave in novel ways. That makes them fantastic gifts for kids who love playing with toys creatively. But not all tech gifts for kids are created equal—some tech toys are decidedly cooler. Discover now some of the best ones.

1. Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot

Dash Robot is one of the coolest tech gifts for kids who are at least 6 years old. Out of the box, it can take voice commands and play fun, educational games with kids through built-in apps. 

But the awesome thing about it is its open-ended learning platform. Kids can use it to learn to code through their phone or tablet, increasing the functions and activities the robot can perform. It  looks pretty cool, too!

2. Meccanoid 2.0 Personal Robot  

A 2-feet tall motorized personal robot with voice recognition and smart device programming—what kid would say no to that? 

A special gift for any robot-loving kid, the Meccanoid 2.0 features over 497 parts including 6 motors. Your child can assemble all of these into an interactive robot capable of learned intelligence movement. This is one of those exciting toys that can keep your kid engaged for years to come.  Best suited for kids 10 years old and above.

3. Ready to Rise Alarm Clock and Sleep Trainer

A sleep trainer for kids? You’ve got that right. This cute, robot-looking multi-function alarm clock uses changing colors and facial expressions as sleeping cues. 

For example, it shows a sleeping face when your kid should be sleeping, a yellow light when he or she should be quiet, and a green light for when it’s waking time. You can set all of these according to your daily habits.

The clock can also soothe your kid with bedtime sounds and features a nap timer and a nightlight.

4. Sphero 2.0: App-Controlled Robot Ball

Sphero 2.0 is an ingenious take on classic programmable toys. Wrapped in its durable shell, it can travel around the house as well as outdoors on clean, flat surfaces at up to 7 feet per second. 

Under your kid’s controls, it can navigate obstacle courses, swim, and more. It can also teach kids how to code and become their next favorite tabletop game. 

There are over 30 apps for it, which adds even more play modes to it. Oh, and it also glows in different color

5. Utopia 360Degree Virtual Reality Headset

Affordable and easy to use, this kid-friendly virtual reality headset puts one of the world’s most exciting technologies at your kid’s fingertips. 

With it on, they can explore virtual worlds, play cool VR games, or learn new things through clever games. It connects wirelessly to your mobile device and is compatible with thousands of apps. It doesn’t even   require batteries.

6. Flexible Roll-Up Piano

Who said pianos are cumbersome things? This flexible roll-up piano weighs less than 2 pounds and is easy to store. Made from soft silicone, it can be rolled-up on any table or directly on the floor. 

It features up to 61 piano sounds (the premium version), has recording and playback features, and a couple of demo songs. When the batteries run out, you can power it through a USB cord. Grab the version with the rechargeable battery to stop worrying about buying batteries separately.

7. Nintendo Switch Lite

With its sleek, lightweight design, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a great gaming console for older kids. Its 5.5” touch screen provides a rich and immersive experience while the classic controls are smart and accessible.

The device is compatible with all Nintendo Switch games that work in Handheld mode, so you may already have a few games for it around the house. 

The Switch Lite from Nintendo is available in multiple colors including turquoise, yellow, and gray.

There you have it—7 cool tech gifts for kids. Which one will you get?

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