7 Useful Tips for Buying Gifts for Small Kids

A quick search for the best gifts for kids in 2020 in Google will bring up millions of results. That’s a bit overwhelming, isn’t it?

But you don’t have to wade through a flood of results to find the right gift for a child. If you know what to focus on, filtering results will become easier.

Discover now 7 tips for buying gifts for small kids this year.

1.     Safety Comes First

If you want to buy toys, you need to look beyond the features at the product specifications. Toys on Amazon and other popular shopping sites are safe.

Still, you want to pay attention to the materials they are made from. Look for BPA-free, non-toxic toys. You also have to factor in the batteries.

Toys with rechargeable batteries tend to be safer because standard batteries may leak in time.

2.     Focus on Durability

Little kids are easier to please than older ones. You don’t need a very sophisticated toy to capture and hold their interest.

That means you can turn your attention to durability instead. Choose a sturdy toy that can take a beating. Your kid will be grateful to you for it—they will still have it when they’re old.

Now let’s continue with out list of tips for buying gifts for small kids.

3.     Look for Gifts with an Educational Value

Motor skills, hand-to-eye coordination, cognitive development—there are some ingenious toys that promote all of these. But don’t stop there.

Some toys can aid with language development, counting and math skills, and more. A great example is the educational toy robot for kids Cosmo.

4.     But Don’t Underestimate Soft and Fluffy Gifts

Kids love to keep their toys close. That’s one of the reasons why plushies are some of the bestselling toys for both boys and girls.

They are nice to touch and feel warm when you hold them close. And they won’t break to pieces either if they’re dropped.

Sometimes, simple is the best choice, and stuffed toys like Flappy the Elephant are top choices in this category.

5.     Don’t Limit Your Choice to Toys

Toys are not the only gifts that can make children happy. One of the best tips for buying gifts is to explore all your options. And there are plenty of them! Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Travel gifts (for the whole family)
  • Natural history museum membership
  • Outdoor activities and adventures such as mini-golf or ice skating
  • Tickets to kid-friendly events

Check our post 11 Awesome Non-Toy Gifts for Kids to explore more options.

6.     Talk with the Parents

If you’re buying a gift for a kid that’s not your own, staying up to date with his or her latest interests and preferences can be tricky. Superhero attachments come and go at a young age. And the same is true for cartoons, doll types, or unicorn wing colors.

The last thing you want is to spend money on a gift that will make kids roll their eyes. So, ring the parents to confirm that the gift you want to buy is an inspired one. Even better, shortlist a couple of gifts and run your list through them.

7.     Use a Gift Registry

Choosing the right gift for a small kid gets so much easier with a gift registry. Check the list of approved gifts the parents shared with you and you’ll know exactly what gifts you’re after.

A gift registry saves you the trouble of having to call parents and ask them for gift advice. It’s an elegant way of ensuring that all gifts stay relevant. You also prevent duplicate gifts.

And that brings our list of tips for buying gifts for little kids to an end.

In the end, remember that the best gifts for kids in 2020 may not be toys. Don’t limit yourself to what your local toy store has to offer. There are so many more options out there.

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