8 More Lively Versions of the Happy Birthday Song You May Not Know

Is the Happy Birthday song as we all know it really fun? Just stop a second and reflect on it—lights out, candles burning, the hushing and the quiet, and then the “Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!”—a bit droning, a bit slow, a bit dusty.

A Not-So-Happy Song?

In a recent Between the Scenes video posted on Facebook, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah poked fun at the Happy Birthday song, saying it sounded “like a death song.”

Recalling his childhood birthday parties, the popular comedian told his audience that he grew up with more upbeat versions of the song, like the dancey Donald Duck Happy Birthday song from the 80s.

That’s the version that his mother sang to him and that stuck with him. The other, well, just watch Noah’s video for yourself if you haven’t already.

Maybe he’s right? At least to some extent? Singing the same Happy Birthday song over and over again can get a bit boring.

But there are many cool versions of the song that can up the fun at your next birthday party. Discover some of the best ones now. They’re great for all birthday parties, whether for kids or adults.

Happy Birthday to Ya! by Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday song has soul. You’ll love singing the chorus to this one over and over again. The short version’s better for kids.

Donald Duck’s Happy Birthday Song

We’ve already mentioned this one already, but it’s worth mentioning it again. The promo Happy Birthday tune for Donald Duck’s 1984 Golden Jubilee will have your kids on their feet dancing in no time. It’s a really quirky one and it’s going to be a sure hit, especially if they know Donald Duck already.

Happy Birthday Swing Version

This short and snappy swing version of the Happy Birthday song is so upbeat and fun that you’ll want to play it over and over again.

DJ BoBo’s Happy Birthday Song

A cool version of the song with a house music feel to it is DJ Bobo’s Happy Birthday song. This one has some extra lyrics and a couple of other frills, making it great for older kids and parties where many of the guests are parents.

Happy Birthday Reggae Style

Now how about a version with a more exotic feel to it? Whether you’re preparing an indoor winter party or taking the fun outside by the pool in summer, you’ll love Happy Birthday reggae style. It’s full of colorful notes and the drumming is pretty cool.

Happy Birthday Rock Version

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a rock version of the classic song. The guitar riffs and strong vocals can make this a sure hit with kids.

Happy Birthday A Cappella Style

But then if you want a version that’s just a tad quieter, try out this smooth a cappella Happy Birthday tune. It’s a great one for more intimate birthday parties between loved ones.

Happy Birthday Modern Jazzy Version

This popular version of the Happy Birthday song starts slow—which is good if you want the classic feel of the original. But 20 seconds into it, it explodes into a sweet flurry of jazzy notes that lasts for about a minute, before the chorus kicks in again.

The Wrap Up

If you’re throwing a party soon, you just don’t have to settle for the classic Happy Birthday song. From soulful to reggae, from rock to a cappella, the versions we shared with you can make the party you’re preparing more memorable. Plus, the kids will love them!

The only question is, which one will you choose?

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