8 Mad Scientist Experiments Your Kids (and You) Will Love

Check out our favorite science experiments for kids below. They'll be fun for you and your kids!
(Ages 5-12)

We’ve collected some of our favorite science actives and made them super easy to shop from the illi app and below from our blog! Inspiring your kids through STEM learning and fun science activities is a great way to build a love for learning! These also make awesome gifts that parents will appreciate. Click the button below to get the app and start discovering more of our favorite gifts for kids!

Crystal Chemistry Garden

KiwiCo never fails. They’re inventory is stocked full of fun activities for kids, and this Crystal Chemistry Garden brings back memories of our childhood – so it most likely made it to the top of this favorite list for nostalgic reasons. We’re pretty confident that this science experience will create those same fond memories for your kids too, and teach your kids to love science! 🤓

Primary Science® Lab Gear

Of course if you really want your kid to FEEL like a mad scientist they have to LOOK like a scientist first! This Lab Coat from Learning Resources is a must have for experiment. Your kids will love it!

SmartLab Ultimate Secret Formula Lab

What mad science lab is complete without a secret formula station? What secret formulas will your child come up with? Will they take over the world or create a cure to save the world?! There’s only one way to find out… Set their imaginations loose with this formula lab!

Science Academy: Deluxe Shimmer Lab

Ok this Shimmer Lab is just pure fun! Gear up with your lab coat (that you already bought above) and create your own bath bombs! This is basically a 2 in 1 activity set where your kids will be able to pretend their scientists, and then have fun with their creations in the tub! Love it! 


Ok so maybe you live in a place where you get plenty of actual snow, so the last thing you need is fake snow – But if your kids are growing up somewhere where it doesn’t ever snow then grant their wish for a white Christmas with this Instant Snow Kit from Steve Spangler Science!

Solar Powered Car Kit

Ok so this isn’t the first solar powered car to make it on the blog, but it is the first one that combines arts and crafts with STEM science learning! And your little mad scientist is going to need a way to get back and forth to their lab, right! Now we just need to find a link to a shrink ray so your kids and fit inside! 😂

Smithsonian Mega Science Kit Science Kit

This Mega Science Lab from Smithsonian is a classic, and being from Smithsonian you know it’s a reliable source for some top-notch learning!

Young Scientist Chemistry Lab

And finally, this science chemistry kit from Lakeshore is stocked full of several activities to keep your little ones learning for hours! So what are you waiting for?? Invest in your kid’s education right now! 😉

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