8 STEM Toys Big Kids Will Love This Christmas

Our 8 Favorite STEM Toys for Big Kids
(Ages 8-14+)

These advanced STEM projects are perfect for your tweens and big kids who love science 👨🏾‍🔬👩🏻‍🔬 We’ve collected some of our favorites and made them super easy to shop in the illi app! 

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Engino Inventor 50 Models, Motorized

This Inventor kit allows your kids to create FIFTY different models for almost endless playtime while they improve their building skills and learn engineering principles.

Electronics 3-Pack from KiwiCo
Ages 14+

This 3-pack from KiwiCo includes advanced projects for your tweens to learn the basics of electrical engineering, and inspire them to build on their own.

LittleBits Base Inventor Kit

There are over 12 activities your kids will be able to create with this inventor kit. They’ll be able to show off their creations to friends and family.. and show & tell for school (whether they’re attending virtually or in-person).

Naturally Energetic Kids STEM Experiments

With two models to build in this kit, your kids hone their building skills as they learn the basics of solar power and renewable energy.

Engino STEM Mechanics, Buildings and Bridges

Learning the fundamentals of engineering 101 with this mechanics kit will inspire your tweens to explore their love of learning while they build impressive structures.

Piper Computer Kit

Looking for ways to introduce your kids to computer science? This DIY computer kit from Piper is an awesome way to transform their screen time into something productive! Piper is possibly the coolest computer kit we’ve seen for kids, so we’re super excited to feature them in our app! Piper makes an awesome tech gift that inspires learning, critical thinking, and engineering in your kids. Check it out today in the illi app!

STEM 12-in-1 Educational Solar Robot Toys -190 Pieces DIY Building Science Experiment Kit for Kids
Aged 8-10 Older

🤖 WALL-E??? Is that you? Ok so maybe this isn’t THE wall-e… but your kids will love to use their imaginations to pretend that he is! We’re loving this little solar powered DIY robot, and your big kids will too! Explore the world of science and renewable energy with his 12 different configurations!

Engino STEM Mechanics, Cams and Cranks

And our final STEM engineering toy that made our favorites list is this cams and cranks kit from Engino!

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