8 Tech Gift Ideas for Kids to Play Outside

Worried that technology is keeping your kids indoors too much? Some tech toys and gadgets can have the opposite effect—they can provide hours of fun outside in the fresh air.

Most of them are pretty easy to get and they’re affordable too. Without further ado, here are some tech gift ideas for kids that they can enjoy outside.

1.     LED Poi Balls

Based on an old Maori tradition, LED Poi Balls will inspire your kid to create a spectacle of light. They look spectacular after nightfall, but even in the daylight, they look pretty cool.

More than a fun toy, they provide an exercise in coordination and dexterity. Kids can start with simple, basic moves and then advance to more complicated moves.

2.     LED Levitation Wand

With this LED levitation wand from Wandini, your kid can create a multi-colored light show with stunning visual effects. Help your kid slip the finger strap on and then step back and watch as the fun begins.

The levitation wand is perfect for creative dances and little magic shows. It features 8 light modes and a collapsible design for easy transportation. No batteries required.

3.     Cat Ear LED Light Up Bluetooth Headphones

Your little girl will love being seen wearing the Riwbox CT-7 Cat Ear Bluetooth headphones.

These super-cute and appropriately pink headphones blink and change colors depending on the rhythm of the music playing. They’re compatible with most mobile devices.

With these on, your kid will feel like she’s a little walking disco.

4.     UFO LED Mini Drones for Kids

In the last few years, drones have become some of the coolest gadgets for outdoor play. But some drones are easier to handle than others.

This mini drone from UFO 4000 is great for beginners. Your kid will love its LED lights, easy joystick controls, and cool design. Overall, it’s a great drone for beginners.

Still with us? Let’s explore some more tech gift ideas for kids.

5.     Waterproof Kids’ Video Camera with Face Recognition

The VanTop Junior K8 Kids Camera can record 1080HD video including time-lapse. It can play back video and has some pretty neat camera features too, like burst shooting, selfie mode, and fashion shooting.

It’s waterproof and anti-fall, making it a sturdy choice for smaller kids. On sunny days, it can be a great incentive for kids to take some video footage outside on sunny days.

6.     Instant Mini Camera

Another great way to get your kids outside is to get them to photograph their friends. You can make this more fun for them with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Instant Camera.

This easy-to-use point and shooter comes with auto flash and other useful features. It can be one of the most inspired tech gift ideas for kids who love photography.

7.     Children’s Portable Karaoke Speaker with Beach Handbag

With its vibrant design and cool features, this portable music box can be a great gift for smaller kids. It can tune to radio as well as stream music from a phone or tablet.

The wireless speaker works within a range of 30 feet, making it perfect for kids’ parties and other special events. The handy travel bag means you can take it with you when you go camping or to the beach.

8.     Illuminated Tees

These cotton t-shirts feature a large luminescent ink panel. Your kids can use the mini light wand attached to the lanyard to doodle luminously in the dark. Any concentrated light source will leave its mark on them.

Tech gift ideas for kids don’t get more comfortable than these illuminated tees. The coolest t-shirts ever? Perhaps.

Oh, and you can throw them into the washing machine like any regular shirt. Just no tumble-drying or ironing on the glow panel.

There you have it—8 tech gift ideas for kids that can encourage outdoor play. Who said tech has to keep kids glued to a screen?

If you’re looking for even more gift ideas for kids, don’t forget to check our post on the best non-toy gifts.

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