9 Kids Gift Ideas for the Style Minded

Some toys look like toys, but others are so cool and stylish that you’ll feel happy to have them in your house. Whether you’re putting together a birthday registry or just shopping for a gift for a style-minded family, here are some cool kids gift ideas to inspire you.

1.     PonyCycle Plush Ride-On Horse

You’ve probably seen your fair share of ride-on toys already. Most are made from plastic and look more like a compromise made in the name of toddlerhood than a welcome addition to your living room.

But the ride-on horse from PonyCycle is not your average ride-on. It’s made of high-grade fabrics that give it a stylish plush look. It looks great in any living room and can be used outdoors too.

It’s available in two sizes, making it suitable for children up to 8 years of age.

2.     Black and White Stripe Bean Bag Chair

A floor cushion and kids’ chair 2-in-1, this bean bag chair looks as if a zebra had just invented it in its dreams. Use the straps to lower it at any time into a flat cushion on which your kid can rest or nap.

As a bean bag chair, it’s super comfy for reading or playing console games. It’s so cute you’ll want to sit in it when your kid’s not around.

3.     Gourmet Play Kitchen Set

With its trendy design and sturdy wooden build, this gourmet play kitchen set will likely wow your kid. It features a fridge, a stove, a dishwasher, and a sink with golden faucets.

Whether you’re a foodie or not, it will be hard to resist not inventing some make-believe dishes alongside your kid in this realistic kitchen.

4.     Elephant Grey Bookcase

Is this the coolest kids’ bookcase you’ve ever seen? If not, it must come pretty close. With its “wildly stylish” design and clever storage space, it can be a special addition to any kid’s room.

There’s a hidden compartment within the trunk, too—maybe you should use it to hide a gift within a gift?

5.     Wooden Ice Cream Cart

Made of beautifully painted wooden pieces, this ice cream cart is not just super sweet to look at, but also a fun and interactive toy.

With it, your kid can scoop up bright flavors to serve in cones and share with friends. It’s great for kids’ parties since it promotes interactive play.

Blame it on the playful design and the careful attention to detail that went into making it, but we’ll call it one of the most stylish kids gift ideas on our list.

6.     Jellycat Friendly Garden Snail

When it comes to hugs, snails are not the first animals that come to mind. But this adorable, super soft garden snail is an exception. Kids will love the beautifully textured shell and the plush softness that covers the rest of it.

7.     Personalized Woodland Animals Growth Chart

Kids grow fast, but that doesn’t mean each new inch (or half-inch, or a quarter of an inch) should pass unnoticed.

With this beautiful woodland animals growth chart, you can acknowledge every inch and celebrate it. And the best part is that you can customize this chart with your child’s name.

If you’re looking for special kids gift ideas, this growth chart is definitely one of them.

8.     Stacking Gardening Friends

Can you stack all the cute garden animals on the tree without them falling? Practice with your kid until you succeed.

This beautifully crafted 16-piece animal set from Tender Leaf Toys looks so sweet you’ll probably want to keep playing with it yourself.

9.     Foreign Language Blocks

Teaching a bilingual kid his first words becomes easier with these colorful alphabet language blocks. Easy to handle, these blocks feature an embossed design and chemical-free lettering.

With that, our list comes to an add. If you’re looking for even more kids gift ideas, check out some of our previous posts.

You’re bound to more find in them gifts that will make you say “I literally love it!”

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