What we love about Bitsbox:

Bitbox is a remarkable subscription product service that teaches your kids to code! Talk about investing in their future! With more and more tech companies on the rise learning to code will eventually become an essential skill for many jobs. Bitsbox teaches valuable lessons on coding that many kids don’t have access to at this age. It’s engaging, educational, and an investment in their future, and you don’t even need any prior knowledge of programming yourself!

What we love about Bitsbox’s giveaway prize:

Bitsbox is gifting us their Deluxe Bitsbox for the giveaway which makes a perfect introduction to coding for kids. It’s fun, keeps young mind developing, teaches problem solving skills, and if you’re looking for something to take up their time this summer this is the perfect solution!

Giveaway Reminder

Make sure you’re entered for a chance to win this prize and more. Just follow the steps here! Good Luck!

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