10 Amazing Book Gift Ideas to Get Your Kids Off the Screens

Are your small kids buttoning your phone all day? Video-gaming? Watching movies? Screens are fun, but too much screen time isn’t healthy for kids’ development. To say nothing of their eyes!

There’s a world of unique books out there for your kid to discover. Picture books, personalized books, classics, paperboards—the list is long.

So, where should you start? Get your kids off the screens with these special book gift ideas.

1. Literati Book Subscription for Kids

Give your kids the gift of reading without having to worry about choosing the right titles for them. The Literati book club subscription mail you hand-curated stories that delight children from birth to age 12. 

Each Literati box greets children with a gorgeous full-page art print. You get 5 books monthly and can choose to buy and keep favorite books.

2. Maps Book

This gorgeous book for kids features 52 illustrated maps. More than exploring the geography of the world, your kids can discover native animals and plants, local events, and iconic personalities related to different regions. 

The Maps Book is one of the most immersive book gift ideas on our list.

3. Kid Activists Book

What did Martin Luther King Jr. dream of when he was little? What about Helen Keller or Harvey Milk?  This inspiring book for kids tells the childhood tales of 12 of the world’s most important activists. 

It can be an inspiring read for any kid, one that fosters empathy and a life-long ambition to change the world.

4. 100 First Words for Little Geeks Book

Help your kid learn STEM words, smart movie references, and dozens of other cool words. With this clever paperboard book, it will be easier than you think. But be warned—your kid’s vocabulary will make yours feel a bit… outdated.

5. My Very Own Trucks Personalized Book 

Add your kid’s name into a story full of animals and trucks with this personalized book in which hard-working animals construct your kid’s name. Features rhyming verses, lovely illustrations, and a customizable front-page dedication. Suitable for ages 2-8.

6. Can I Change the World Personalized Book

Another sweet personalized book makes it on our list of book gift ideas. With this customizable picture book, your child will learn about the power of kindness, and how it can change the world for the better.
You can add your child’s name on the cover, throughout the illustrations in the book, and in the dedication. Suitable for kids up to 8 years old.

7. ABC What Can I Be Personalized Book

With every page turn of this personalized ABC book, your child will learn the alphabet—and imagine themselves trying a new profession. They can be, by turns, an astronomer, a carpenter, a baker, and 23 other professions.
Add your child’s likeness to the beautiful illustrations to make this an unforgettable gift.

8. Three Billy Goats Gruff with Storybook STEM Activity


You can turn this classic tale of the billy goats outsmarting a troll into a wonderful learning experience. Grab some popsicle sticks, clothespins, and pipe cleaners (or similar supplies) and some little goat toys. As you follow along the story, ask your kids to find a way to build a stable bridge for the goats.

9. Wonderbly Personalized Search-and-Find Book

Draw your kids into reading with a personalized search-and-find adventure book. This lavishly illustrated book transports your kid through time in a quest to spot their personalized avatar in the midst of history. You’ll love the cool concept at the core of the book.

10. Mumablue Personalized Adventure Book

Choose a story, create an avatar for your kid, and add a photo and a dedication. Mumablue makes creating a custom book for your child a fun adventure. You can browse book ideas based on main values such as generosity, friendship, or creativity.
With so many interesting book gift ideas to choose from, taking your kid off the screens could prove easier than you thought.

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