Essential Self Care Ideas for Moms Who Are Constantly Busy

Being a mother usually means having lots of responsibilities, and that could make it harder for you to find time for yourself. It all gets even trickier when you have small kids to raise or run your own business.

That’s why we thought we should bring you some essential self care ideas for moms who don’t have much time to waste.

Having a self care routine in place improves your physical and emotional health and promotes wellbeing. It doesn’t have to involve lavish indulgences or excessive pampering. And it doesn’t have to cost you precious time either.

Before You Start

Before we explore some pleasurable and relaxing self care ideas, it’s important to get into the right mindset for developing a self care routine. Your body and mind will find it easier to relax if you prepare them for what is to come. This could mean making a few adjustments in your life.

  • Avoid situations that put stress on you or that tire you unnecessarily. For example, if you dislike shopping for groceries, order your food online.
  • Don’t postpone self care until the weekend. Rather than relaxing for one hour on Sunday, try to relax for at least 10 minutes on all the other days of the week. The cumulative effect of daily self care will be greater.
  • Say no to last-moment invitations, requests, or tasks that can derail your schedule—unless of course you really want to be a part of them.
  • Accept self care as part of your lifestyle—don’t think of it only as a reward for work well done.
  • Make room for it every day for at least 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Use a simple planner or just add self care activities to your daily calendar.
  • Get used to silencing or turning off your phone during your relaxation time.

Now that we got that settled, let’s move on to some actual self care ideas for moms you can try out.

Quick and Easy Self Care Ideas for Moms

You can do any of these in 15 minutes or less.

Long and Soothing Self Care Ideas for Moms

You’ll need at least 30 minutes to get the most out of these activities.

The Wrap Up

Whether you have a bunch of little kids running around the house or a home-based business to run, you can still create time for yourself. The self care ideas for moms we shared with you can inspire you to find an oasis of relaxation every single day.

Remember: you are precious—so take good care of yourself!

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