6 Super Fun Birthday Adventures for Kids (Totally Safe)

Is your child’s
birthday coming soon? Don’t spend all your budget on toys and cake just yet.
Take the fun outdoors with some inspiring birthday adventures for kids.

PS: We’ve
left out more common ideas you’ve probably considered already, like taking the
kids to the zoo.

1.     Geocaching
Treasure Trail

and unearthing geocaches using GPS can be one of the most exciting birthday
adventures for kids of all ages.

There are
special caches for kids in many cities and other locations around the world.
From toys to mementos, these caches can feel like little treasures.

Some of
them are near you and your kids would probably love to discover them. Grab here
the official Geocaching
for your phone to get started.

2.     Wild Camp Party—In
Your Garden

Are your kids
too small for a real camping adventure? No problem. Grab a small tent that’s
easy to set up and some other camping gear suitable for kids and turn your
garden into an imagined wilderness.

Up the
excitement by getting an Indian tepee tent for kids and creating timed
challenges that the little ones have to complete before the timer runs off.

If your
family likes to go camping, wild camp parties at home can prepare kids for bigger
adventures later on.

3.     Paparazzi
Outdoor Adventure

This type
of adventure is best for older kids. In preparation for it, buy or gather a few
cameras suitable for kids or borrow some smartphones. Then send invitations,
ensuring there is a camera for each kid.

On the big
day, divide the children into teams of two and ask them to photograph
themselves before local landmarks or specific objectives around the

Then set a
timer before they return. The kids with the most photos of landmarks win—but
make sure there are enough gifts for all the kids!

4.     Adventure
Trek in the Woods

Do you
live within driving distance of a forest? Treks in the woods can be one of the
best birthday adventures for kids.

They are relatively inexpensive birthday adventures for kids and offer you the opportunity to immerse your kids into nature.

planning an adventure trek in the woods, make sure you consider how safe and
clean your local forest is. It’s going to be a lot safer to pretend there are
bears and wolves in it than to actually come across some.

5.     Bouldering
in a Kids’ Area

is perfect for small groups of kids who can compete in a safe environment. Look
for a location that has a dedicated kids’ area as adult courses may prove too

about the risks? Don’t be. Bouldering for kids is totally safe provided you
choose a kid-friendly location.

6.     Boot camp in
the Backyard

If you
have a reasonably sized yard and would rather keep the adventures close to
home, a boot camp for kids can be an inspired idea.

Buy or
borrow some military uniforms for yourself and your kids. Guns are not
mandatory, but water guns are great if the weather’s warm enough for them.

The rest
of the preparations will require your creativity. Use old boxes and crates,
fallen tree branches, compost barrels, and any other items you can find in the
garage to improvise an assault course. Anything that requires kids to run,
jump, or climb things is likely going to be a hit.

But if
you’d rather not have a bunch of rowdy little soldiers trample your grass, head
over to the nearest assault course for children. Most courses have pretty cool
features like wall-climbing, archery, and more.

These are
just some of the safe and fun birthday adventures for kids you can set up.
Don’t forget that you can always mix, customize, and theme adventures to make
them even more exciting.

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