How to Choose the Best Birthday Gifts for Kids

Finding the best birthday gifts for kids is an adventure for many parents. It can take them from store to store and may involve a lot of guesswork. But there are a couple of things you can do to put together an awesome list of presents without stress. And without breaking the bank either. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for the right birthday gifts for kids.

Listen to What Kids Want

  • “Will Sammy like this toy?”
  • “Will Annie play with it?”
  • “Is it fun enough?”

If you’re asking yourself these kinds of questions, you’re probably not looking at the right gift. Most kids will tell you what they want for their birthday one way or another. The crucial thing is to listen to them.

Pay attention to:

  • Comments they make about their friends’ toys.
  • The cartoons and animated series they talk about.
  • The superheroes they pretend to be.
  • The things they ask you questions about.

Notice How They Spend Their Time

If they spend two hours with a comic book but couldn’t care less about the picture book their aunt brought them, well, then it’s pretty clear what sort of gift they’d enjoy, don’t you think?

Anything that kids feel drawn to, that they invest time in, signifies an interest. Take that interest into account when choosing a gift.

Look for Gifts That Engage All Their Senses

Some toys will engage only one or two senses. Small kids usually lose their interest in them fast. That’s why it’s a good idea to look for gifts that can, directly or indirectly, engage all the senses.

For example, a digital camera for kids can get a little girl out of the house to photograph the birds in the backyard. It can immerse her into nature in a way that a plastic unicorn set can’t.

Little girl with camera in a pink dress taking photos in the garden with one of the best birthday gifts for kids

See Things from Their Perspective

Just because a science kit sounds more interesting to you than an action hero set, it doesn’t mean your kids will think the same.

Don’t choose a gift for kids just because you think it’s right for them. Try to scale down your interests to their age.

Explore the Best Birthday Gifts for Kids Online

Don’t limit your options to what you can find at the local toy store. Today there are better ways to discover the best birthday gifts for kids.

From AI robots and electric light blocks to fairy kits, handcrafted unicorn sets, and illuminated tees—you can shop for these and more online.

Look Beyond Toys

Kids will never say no to a good toy. But if they have plenty of toys already, it can be hard for you to find new ones that they haven’t seen already. Sometimes, the best birthday gifts for kids aren’t toys.

Activities, events, memberships, arts and crafts items, tools, sports gear—these can make for better gifts. Discover now even more non-toy birthday gift ideas for kids.

Get Friends and Family Involved

Sharing a birthday gift list with friends and family can make everything more fun. Since more people will be joining in the gift-giving, you can share expenses. That could mean not just more gifts for your kid, but also better-quality gifts.

Creating a birthday gift registry for your kids can be great for this. It makes sharing the gift list easier and ensures your kid will love all the gifts. Best of all, it prevents identical gifts.

Never used a gift registry before? Don’t worry about writing down a list—you don’t have to! You can create, manage, and share a list on your phone. It’s as easy as it sounds. Stay tuned to learn more!

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