Karaoke at Home for Kids – Press Play and Let the Fun Begin

Singing, dancing, fooling around—karaoke at home can be a blast. Whether your kids love to sing and dance or are just discovering the wonderful world of music, getting them a karaoke machine could be a fantastic idea. Best of all, you can join in the fun at any time.

Get a Karaoke at Home Machine for Kids

Karaoke machines are the simplest way to bring karaoke to your home. You’ll find plenty of kid-friendly machines that your kids will love to sing along to. Just check out this viral video of a karaoke kid at home to get a taste of what you’re getting yourself into.

Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke System

This small and portable karaoke singing machine handles both CDs and digital music via compatible streaming devices. It features 54 LED disco lights which can turn your living room into a colorful party space. It’s got a bunch of nifty controls like echo and balance but remains easy enough to use even for a small kid. It can also record played songs and save them—great if you want to keep some musical mementos!

Groove Mini Karaoke System

Easy to carry around, this mini singing machine comes with voice-changing effects and a colored front display panel. It can put on a light show that synchronizes to the singing voice, which is one of its cooler features. You can also connect it to your TV to share the lyrics on the big screen.

Kids Karaoke Machine with Adjustable Stand

With this adjustable karaoke stage microphone, your kids can pretend they’re the next music superstars. You can connect it to your portable devices to play YouTube songs and has some nice extra features like foot pedals for special effects and flashing lights. Works on batteries.

Kidi Star Karaoke Machine

This kid-friendly karaoke at home machine comes with a magic mode that dims the vocals of songs you add to it through your smartphone. That means you can add to it almost any song, even if you can’t find a karaoke version of it. Voice-changing effects, built-in games, and 180 degrees disco lights add to the fun.

Set Up Karaoke at Home Using YouTube

There’s another way to enjoy karaoke at home without buying a karaoke device that your kids may outgrow.

Things you’ll need:

  • a device that can play YouTube (smartphone, tablet, laptop, or smart TV)
  • microphone
  • speakers
  • karaoke mixer

Setting up a simple karaoke system that your kids can use is easy. But you’ll need a karaoke mixer. A karaoke at home mixer likes this one comes with two mics and all the cables you need to connect it to speakers on one side and to your TV, notebook, or smartphone on the other. Connecting the cables is easy-peasy, so you won’t be losing much time over the techy part.

Once your karaoke setup is ready, use your smart TV or another smart device to access YouTube. Search for songs using the formula “karaoke” + song name and you’ll find a huge selection of child-friendly songs to choose from.

The best part about this kind of home karaoke setup is that you can use it for home parties, too. The mics are wireless, which gives you the freedom to dance and try out new dance moves.

Karaoke at Home Songs for Kids

These karaoke songs are big hits with kids, so make sure to add them to your playlist!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your karaoke setup ready and let the singing and the dancing begin!

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