Me & the Bees

What we love about Mikaila and Me & the Bees:

Well, what’s not to love?! Makaila is an incredibly inspiring teen entrepreneur who started her company, Me & the Bees, when she was only 5 years old, and this year they’re celebrating their 10 year anniversary. 

So first off, we don’t just want to congratulate Makaila for starting her company, but also for building it up to the successful company it is today! 

At illi, we love celebrating kids, and giving their parents ideas and resources to inspire their young minds. 

So it’s our pleasure to put our spotlight on Makaila as a truly inspirational entrepreneur and brand story that we are excited to continue watching succeed!

Mikaila is also on a very important mission to help save bee populations around the world. You can support this cause by purchasing her lemonade online or at these stores

Every time you buy Mikaila’s products you help her continue her work of inspiring entrepreneurs of all ages around the globe. 

Congratulations Mikaila, and thank you for everything you’re contributing to the world!

What we love about Me & the Bees’ gift:

We’re excited to include a Me & the Bees reusable tote bag in every prize bundle! 

Whether you need an extra bag for groceries, summer activities, or just something to store a bunch of small toys in, reach for Mikaila’s motivating tote bag to help brighten your day!

Giveaway Reminder​

Make sure you’re entered for a chance to win this prize and more. Just follow the steps here! Good Luck!

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