Norman & Jules

What we love about Norman & Jules:

Norman & Jules has such a cool story, and we love featuring brands like them on our platform! 

Founded by two parents looking for unique and thoughtfully designed toys for their daughter, Courtney and Avi decided to start their own boutique shop, Norman & Jules. 

Their products are focused primarily on the early stages of childhood development, but they also have products suitable for ages up to 8+, and all of them are adorable! 

They have everything from heirloom dolls, to early childhood development toys, pretend play, puzzles & games, and so much more! Norman & Jules is an incredible source for unique toys and thoughtful gifts.

What we love about Norman & Jules’ giveaway prize:

For the giveaway Norman & Jules gifted us their Electronic Music Inventor Kit

If your kids already have a love for music and you’re looking for ways to teach them about technology, then this gift is the perfect mash up! 

Your kids will be inspired by other inventors with 12 activities available in the app that you can download to use with this kit. 

Trust us, this is not just another noise maker that will drive you crazy—you can feel good about the lessons it’s teaching your kids in the process.

Giveaway Reminder

Make sure you’re entered for a chance to win this prize and more. Just follow the steps here! Good Luck!

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