Our 15 Favorite Summer Essentials for Under $20

Tropical Summer Special! Scroll to the bottom for our 16th Bonus splurge item! It's worth it 😉

Is you family missing out on that summer vacation you had planned? I know… this summer just isn’t quite going the way any of us planned! So if you’re looking for ways this summer to keep your kids active, check out these summer essentials from Target! All but one are under $17 too! What a steal!

Watermelon Tube With Pillow

We love this! It’s so cute and makes for the perfect instagram pic 😉 And it’s only $10! Shop here

Watermelon Kids Chair

Another adorable find! Only $17! Shop here

Cactus Noodle Pool Floats

Photo shoot anyone?! 😎 Only $15 bucks for the 2 pack! Shop here

Double Water Slide

Double the fun with this double water slide! 😃Only $15 Shop here

4pk Melamine Fruit Print Dip Bowls

Be the hostess with the mostest! A food blogger must have! AND ONLY $6 FOR THE 4PK! Buy these now! before they’re gone! Shop here

10.5" Melamine Dining Plates

For all you pineapple lovers out there! Only $1.99! Shop here

Duo Striped Warm Beach Towel

Adorable!! And only $10 Shop here

Sidewalk Chalk 60pc

Y’all… 60 PIECES! FOR ONLY $8! Basically the last chalk set you’ll need to buy for rest of your lifetime… ok maybe not, but still this is a great deal! Shop here

10ct Watermelon Outdoor Mini String Lights

What tropical oasis is complete without some delicious fruity lighting? None. The answer is none 😂These are a must have! $12 Shop here

Wet/Dry Bag

How to make your friends ask “OMG, where did you get that?!” And… only $6.00! Add to shopping cart please! Shop here

Plastic Pineapple Tumbler

Mocktails for the kiddos will complete your tropical summer staycation! A small price to pay for some summer relaxation. $5.99 Shop here

Plastic Strawberry Beverage Dispenser

Totes Adorbs! Do people say that anymore? If not, this pitcher will make you want to say it again! 😄Only $14! Shop here

Fruit Dinner Plate

Don’t just buy any old disposable plates! If you’re trying to throw a tropical summer getaway party in your backyard, then you can’t forget about the little details! $3 for 20! Shop here

Bubble Toys Cone

Ok these make for the cutest summer birthday party favors! Only $3 for 4! Shop here

5" Mini Rainbow Piñata

Why would anyone need a 5 inch mini rainbow piñata? Well, for only $5, why not!? It’s cute and it makes us smile 😊 Shop here

Unicorn Sprinkler

And for our bonus item… check out this super fun unicorn sprinkler! You kids will be occupied for hours, literally! You can thank us later 😉$50 and worth every penny. If photos will be the cutest we promise 😌 Shop here

Happy Summer!

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