5 Reasons Why Travel Gifts for Kids Are Awesome

Looking for an above-average gift for your child? Well, look beyond toy stores and local events. Travel gifts for kids can be perfect for birthday celebrations and other occasions.

Whether they come in the form of plane tickets, bed and breakfast reservations, travel tours, or something else, travel gifts bring the promise of awesome new experiences. Here’s why they are so awesome.

1. The Whole Family Can Join in the Fun

Most travel gifts for kids mean that mommy and daddy can come along. They are the perfect excuse for the entire family to get into the car or board a plane or bus to travel to a destination worth seeing.

Travel gifts are a big step up from toys, clothes, or books. At the same time, they can make a bigger impression on a kid than local activities, classes, or other non-toy gifts. Traveling together is a bonding experience for any family, one that can knit it closer together.

2. They Can Explore New Surroundings

Kids have a natural need for discovering and exploring their surroundings, and travel gifts can broaden these considerably. New stimuli, new people, new foods—all of these can keep kids excited in a way that traditional gifts can’t. Check out these ideas for toddlers

You don’t need an island escape or a Safari in Africa to fill kids with excitement and wonder. A weekend trip to the nearest natural park or a camping hike can make for an unforgettable experience.

Travel gifts for kids can always be customized depending on your location and your budget. All it takes is a bit of creativity—and a Google Map.

3. They Get to Spend More Time in Nature

Kids who live in urban environments know nature only through books, the TV, and the limited flora of their local parks. Some of them may visit the local zoo, but that’s about it.

Travel presents for kids offer you the opportunity to give children the gift of nature. It can foster in them a life-long passion for travel and a deeper respect and appreciation for the beauty and fragility of nature.

That’s why, when shopping for travel gifts for kids, you want to explore destinations that enable children to taste the richness of nature. Again, this doesn’t have to mean exotic trips far from home. After all, nature is all around us—you just have to pay attention to it.

4. They Learn Useful Skills

Camping or hiking trips can give you the opportunity to teach kids skills that they can’t learn at school. Building a tent, using a compass, packing and storing food so that it lasts, avoiding poisonous plants—these are only some of the skills that a few days in nature can teach kids.

Travel experiences can include skill-learning as part of the package. Travel agencies often provide special activities and experiences for different age groups.

5. They Have Something to Look Forward To

Unlike the usual birthday gifts, travel gifts can be announced in advance. Since kids will know beforehand that for their birthday they will be camping or flying someplace nice, they will have something to be excited about. Don’t be surprised if they will keep asking you questions about the upcoming. No gift wrap can contain that kind of excitement.

In the end, travel gifts for kids are some of the best gifts for birthdays and other special occasions. They create perfect conditions for the whole family to build together wonderful memories that they will keep talking about for years to come.

But take your time to research potential travel gifts to find the most inspired ones. You can even create a gift registry and share the gift list with friends and relatives.

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