The Cube Is Back – 7 Rubiks Cube Gift Ideas for All Ages

Did you know that Rubik’s Cube is the world’s best-selling puzzle ever?

After its invention in 1974 by the Hungarian sculptor and professor that lent it its name, the cube became a worldwide phenomenon in the 1980s, selling in the millions. Its popularity began to wane somewhat in the 90s, before rising again in the 2000s.

Today, Rubik’s Cube is a favorite toy across cultures, loved by children and adults alike. There are more versions of the enduring toy than there have ever been. That means a lot of Rubik’s Cube gift ideas to choose from.

Benefits of Playing with Rubik’s Cube

More than being a fun puzzle, the cube can boost brainpower. More specifically it can:

  • Develop problem-solving skills in children and adults alike
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Develop special intelligence
  • Boost memory
  • Train the brain to map things
  • Improve patience

For all these reasons, Rubik’s Cube is an inspired gift idea—a great alternative to most conventional toys out there.

Now let’s discover some modern versions of the cube.

The Original Rubik’s Cube

The original 3×3 Rubik’s Cube features 43 quintillion possible moves. The modern version of the classic cube is made from plastic, which means that the cube maintains its color in time. Of all Rubik’s cube gift ideas on our list, this is the essential one—you can confidently give it as a gift to a kid, old person, or anyone in between.

The Cube

This enhanced version of Rubik’s Cube comes with an improved design but otherwise, it looks and works like the original. Its rounded internal corners, 43-degree corner-cutting, and other internal adjustments make it faster and smoother to turn. For someone who’s already tried the original, it can be a welcome improvement. There’s no jamming or popping to worry about, and you can cut corners with a snap. It also comes with an iPhone app that helps you solve your cube in 22 moves or less.

Carbon Fiber Rubik’s Cube

This 3x3x3 variant of the cube features carbon fiber stickers for a smooth, anti-slip grip as well as a streamlined visual design. Great for enthusiasts, this variant enables you to adjust the tension of the cube and give it a smoother movement.

Stickerless Magic Cube

Stickerless cubes can last longer while requiring less maintenance. This colorful take on the popular cube design is lightweight and can be adjusted for tension. It provides excellent stability and great corner cutting.

GoCube Smart Rubik’s Puzzle Cube

An app-enabled Rubik’s cube? Why not? The GoCube tracks moves on screen and offers insights as well as tips to help you solve the puzzle faster. But the coolest feature is the online gaming mode which pitches you against another player in a time-based challenge. Another cool feature is the built-in glowing light for night playing. It’s one of the best Rubik’s Cube gift ideas for gadget lovers.

Rubik’s Tactile Cube

The tactile cube replaces the standard stickers with textures such as circles, crosses, and other tactile elements. This variant for the visually impaired can also be appreciated by anyone who wants to have a more tactile experience of the classic puzzle game.

Emoji Puzzle Cube

The Emoji puzzle cube replaces the usual colorful stickers with six favorite emojis. It could be an inspired choice if you’re looking for a Rubik’s cube that’s fun and surprising.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re searching for a modern upgrade of the classic cube or an app-enabled variant, the Rubik’s Cube gift ideas on our list have you covered. They’re perfect for kids, friends, colleagues, or family.

The only question that remains is… how long will it take them to solve it?

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