These Wooden Toys Are So Good You’ll Want to Pass Them Down for Generations to Come

8 Beautifully Designed Wooden Toys for Toddlers

We’re loving these BEAUTIFUL 😍 wooden toys from Norman & Jules, Design Life Kids, and other amazing brands! 

Discover wooden toys from boutique designers and brands that are sustainable and longer lasting– they make great heirloom toys you can pass down for generations! 😊 

Explore our smart selection of wooden toys in our, now available in the App Store.

Musical Lili Llama

If wooden toys this cute would’ve existed when we were kids, there would probable me lots more artists in our generation! 👩🏽‍🎨👨🏻‍🎨 Shop this beautiful llama from Manhattan Toy and other amazing wooden toys from our Gift Ideas categories in the illi app!

My Calendar

Looking for a creative way to teach your kids how to count the days on a calendar? Well, this is a lovely way to do it! This My Calendar from Design Life Kids is so pretty you might even end up stealing it for yourself 😉 Link in bio to download and shop on the illi app!

Wooden Rainbow Blocks

Teach your kids about the spectrum of light with these gorgeous blocks from The Tot! These are not your average building blocks! Plus the corners are slightly rounded down so they won’t hurt as bad when you step on them! Because, ya know, it’s gonna happen… 🥴

Wooden Toy Pram

Totes-adorbs 😍 Need we say more? Find this wooden pram from Design Life Kids in the illi app!

My Weather Station

How’s the weather where you are? We’re predicting 70 and sunny all week at ILLI HQ 🤞🏻😎 Shop this beautiful wooden weather meter from Design Life Kids in the illi app today!

Wooden Camera with Pink Lens

Set your little photographer loose with a camera that is sure to fill their playtime with lots of imaginary travel destinations and close encounters with celebrities from all over the world! 📸🤩

School Bus

I mean, c’mon… have you ever seen a cuter school bus?! It’s a fun way to get your little ones excited about school. This could also make a unique gift for a beloved Teacher! 👉 Shop this and other beautiful wooden toys in the illi app!

Wooden Compass

“Oh, the places you’ll go!” -Dr. Seuss
Give the gift of exploration with this beautiful wood compass from Odin Parker. 🧭 🗺 🔭 Check out this and other amazing wooden toys in the illi app! Odin Parker is definitely one of our favs!

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