9 Things to Do with Your Kids Now They Are Home 24/7

Having your kids home 24/7 may be a bit of a challenge, but it’s also an opportunity for a lot of fun. You can get them to burn their energy in healthy and mentally engaging ways—and you can join them. You can now make up for all those times when you felt you were not spending enough time with them. So, without further ado, here are some things to do with your kids now they are home.

1. Create a DIY Foosball Table (and Play!)

It doesn’t take space, it’s portable, and it’s loads of fun. The best part? You can make it in next to no time. You don’t need any fancy materials either—just a shoebox, wooden dowels, some clothespins, and a few ping-pong balls. Get here the full instructions to creating your own kid-sized foosball table.

2. Build a Living Room Fort

Use pillows, storage boxes, your couch even to build a living room fort. Let your kids be as creative as they want, even if it means upturning the table or turning your books into a flight of steps into the fort. Whether or not you stage an epic siege is optional.

3. Exercise

Maybe you’ve been putting off getting a gym subscription for months now. Or maybe you’re a fitness coach. Either way, there are lots of fun workouts you can do at home. From relay tic-tac-toe to yoga, get here lots of ideas for fun home workouts with your kids.

4. Play Acting

Improvise a stage in your living room—no boards required, the rug will do—and assume roles by turns. Devise small plots based on the day’s events. Make everything more fun by letting your kids dress up with things from your wardrobe.

5. Cook Something Together

Spending a few hours in the kitchen together can be one of the most healthy and enjoyable things to do with your kids at home. It can help you foster in them a lifelong love of cooking—or at least just get them to lend a hand in preparing the day’s next meal.

6. Make Some Fingerprint Art


Particularly suitable for small kids, this activity requires an inkpad or something similar. If you don’t want to get one, you can use skin-safe pigments that you can pour into some old glasses that you don’t use all that often. Here’s more about how to get started with fingerprint art, one of the more artsy things to do with your kids at home these days.

7. Start a Marshmallow Toothpick Building Challenge

Remember this challenge from your middle school days? If you haven’t done it, now’s a great time to try it. All you need is toothpicks and some marshmallows (you can also use playdough). Start building simple shapes and then connect them into ever more complex 3D structures. Here’s more about this challenge.

8. Dim the Lights and… Listen to an Audiobook

Fun home activities for kids can also be quiet, you know. Listening to an audiobook with your little ones can be an entertaining experience for both of you. Choose a book they’d like, turn on the volume, and make sure both you and your kid can hear it—whatever it is you’re doing in the house at that time. Just make sure to enforce a rule of silence (or whispers) while the audio plays. Also, don’t let your kids get near a screen during this time.

9.  Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

Our list of things to do with your kids ends with an all-time favorite—a scavenger hunt. You don’t need any special items for this—hide creatively a few toys or other items that your kids are familiar with and then guide their search. Pretend to be the object searched for and give them clues… “I’m green and round and the cat never plays with me…”

Over to You

All the things to do with your kids on this list are screen-free. Your kids probably won’t be needing much of a nudge these days to find their way to the gaming console, smart TV, daddy’s laptop or mommy’s phone. So, try to focus on creative activities that engaged your kids in novel ways—without the need for technology. Kids love novelty!

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