Uncommon Goods

What we love about Uncommon Goods:

Finding a gift can be hard sometimes (ok, a lot of the time), but Uncommon Goods ALWAYS has something totally unique and different. Uncommon Goods has been around for over 20 years and their mission is to connect makers and their creations to shoppers looking for truly unique gifts. Whenever we visit their online store they always have something new that catches our eye. If you’re ever looking for something whimsical, quirky, or uncommon… look no further than Uncommon Goods!

What we love about their giveaway prizes

There are two chances to win The Uncommon Goods gift bundle which includes the Anatomy Virtual Reali-TeeLittle Patient, and the Root Beer Science Kit. We love this prize because what better way to teach your kids about anatomy and science than for them to have fun while learning? It’s no secret that children learn and retain information much better when they’re curious. While many parents are navigating how to be better homeschool teachers, these products offer an engaging way for kids to learn!

Giveaway Reminder

Make sure you’re entered for a chance to win this prize and more. Just follow the steps here! Good Luck!

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